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fistfullofnoodle2 t1_je0cpqk wrote

Guan Yu is probably a great example of this.

One of the most respected general from the romance of three kingdoms.

Pretty much a worshipped diety by the police and triad alike.


tkdyo t1_je0v7dd wrote

Let's be real how can you not worship such an amazing beard paired with a powerful guandao?


KingOfAwesometonia t1_je17qo7 wrote

Lu Bu had those two tail things though. TWO.TAILS!

But yeah the guandao is really cool any time I see it. Less swords, more guandaos media!


Basketball312 t1_je1qwcm wrote

Lu bu got hog tied and executed by Cao Cao. Guan yu got killed by Lu Meng but returned as a ghost and killed him back.


Astalon18 t1_je2en4f wrote

And business people might I add.

Police, triad gangs, business people, then to worship Guan Yu.

The trinity of Kuan Yin, Wei Tuo ( Skanda who is actually Murugan ) and Guan Gong is on the other hand more popularly worshipped by Buddhist.


owsupaaaaaaa t1_je3avef wrote

The Monkey King also. It's the equivalent of building temples in the image of Bugs Bunny.


Dorian1267 t1_je3drax wrote

My grandpa had a little statue of Guan Yu, looks so bad ass.

When he died, my husband asked if we could have it but my mum said it's not just a statue, it's a God, we have to respect it, worship it and serve it tea. We were like, yeah na, not doing that for a statue.

My uncle ended up taking it home and it's in a mini shrine.

And my family is not even religious!


lunamarya t1_je0vyc5 wrote

Mao Zedong's pretty much his more recent iteration today


khoabear t1_je1pmvv wrote

Shame that you got downvoted because people don't understand the concept. Communists, like Chinese, Vietnamese and N. Koreans, love worshipping the party founders like gods.


lunamarya t1_je1q7e0 wrote

I’m not even referring to his cult of personality

He’s literally a modern-day Guan Yu — a Chinese folk hero whose wartime/peacetime exploits have been engrained to the Chinese psyche. Even if China wasn’t communist by this date I’d reckon that they’d still have him seated in their household shrines.

Up until today blue collar Chinese still jnvoke his “spirit” whenever they feel that they’re exploited lol


suppordel t1_je3bc3f wrote

No we don't.


khoabear t1_je3ct52 wrote

Are you a member of the communist party?


suppordel t1_je3d1c9 wrote

Do you think anyone with common sense is a member of the CCP?


khoabear t1_je3d6tk wrote

Then of course you don't worship. I was talking about communists only.


suppordel t1_je3do2a wrote

I also know things about the president of the US. Doesn't mean I am him. It's possible to know about groups you aren't part of. It's called "learning".


khoabear t1_je3e2v0 wrote

Then how do you explain photo of Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh or the Kims in their houses and workplaces?


suppordel t1_je3et3e wrote

Yes they exist but those are uncommon. Sure those people have their fans but there are nutjobs in every society. They are very much the loud minority.

I meant they aren't widely worshipped. If you go on the street of Beijing and yell "I love the CCP and Mao!" You're likely to get a lot of "um ok let me stay away from that person". You aren't likely to gather a group chanting with you.


lunamarya t1_je495hb wrote

Lols don't you white idiots even have a picture of Queen Lizzie stashed in your house somewhere? Or maybe your prime minister's photo in your government offices?