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lordtrickster t1_je1yset wrote

Given that basically all fiction is a mix of the experiences of the author and older fiction, both embellished, yeah, pretty much. Science fiction adds on embellished scientific theories.

Sure, there's imagination at play, but that's generally sourced from centuries of embellishments.

The 13th Warrior (movie) is a decent random example of where these sorts of things can come from. The grendel were dudes in bear hides and the firewyrm was just a column of riders with torches snaking in from the distance. As long as they kept winning, the truth would never get out.


semiomni t1_je1zp2r wrote

Yeah yeah I get it, if you stretch your imagination enough you can't ever be wrong.

But gosh maybe this post about a Confucian/Taoist practice does not really say anything at all about Greek practices.


lordtrickster t1_je20bzm wrote

Perhaps. I don't really see a difference between this and the Greeks, or even the Catholics and their saints. People decide a person is extra awesome and designate them as such.