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MrMitchWeaver t1_jatdg0y wrote

You forgot to mention the most important part: rent is one euro per year, it has never changed.


Ameisen t1_jatk04m wrote

I imagine that it changed in 1524 and 1551 when the Imperial gulden was redefined (though they may have charged in Reichsthaler instead), in 1754 when the South German gulden was introduced, 1873 when the Imperial German Goldmark replaced it, 1914 when the Papiermark replaced that, 1924 when the Rentenmark and then the Reichsmark replaced that, 1948 when the Deutsche Mark replaced that, and lastly in 2002 when the Euro replaced that.


MrMitchWeaver t1_jaued9g wrote

Oh wow I thought the euro had been invented in the third century BC


TacTurtle t1_jathmyr wrote

>It takes its name from the Fugger family and was founded in 151 founded in 1516 by Jakob Fugger the Younger

Jakob Fugger the Younger

Say that 3 times fast