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Raven3131 t1_jcrhwbx wrote

And the worst part is it often doesn’t kill you until they pull the heavy thing off you and you are free. Then the toxins from the crushed tissues flood into your system and you’re done.


DEATHROAR12345 t1_jcrvnm2 wrote

Episode of house where they have to use a handsaw to amputate this woman's leg. If they lift the debris she goes into shock and does from sepsis, they can't fit a good power tool down there so they have to use a human powered one.


littlemusicteacher t1_jcrzk9r wrote

So it definitely wasn't lupus, then.


SmartChump t1_jcsbzc5 wrote

It’s never lupus


mattaugamer t1_jctg2zx wrote

Iirc she died of a fat embolism, a common result of a severe crush injury.


SomeIndividual1 t1_jct1pst wrote

can't they just tie a belt around the area, pull her out, then cut it off?


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_jcs4s0z wrote

The same thing can happen with fall restraint. If the person who fell can’t self-rescue, their harness can cut off circulation to the legs. Very important to get them down as fast as possible.


GreenElite87 t1_jcsluij wrote

This is the reason that many safety harnesses have a rope or wire attachment that allows them to create a loop to step into so that they can stand in their harness to prevent this issue until rescue.


fairie_poison t1_jctdmwc wrote

but if you hit your head and are knocked unconscious, its just a minutes game.


xxDankerstein t1_jcrodml wrote

TIL Cooked Syndrome happens when the human body experiences severe trauma under constant heat for a long time.


maggiemypet t1_jcs6mgx wrote

There's a book about the oral tradition of paramedics (if you're interested, I can try and dig it up). One of the paramedics was helping after Mt St. Helen's erupted. Apparently, we turn into roast beef. Also, when small air crafts crash into a mountain, heads pop off.


Update: Book: Talking Trauma Check this out!

Amazon only has physical book, but I found an ebook on Google Read at some point.


Hobotango t1_jcxf1pb wrote

There is also the deadly Death Syndrome when someone about to die, die.


GozerDGozerian t1_jcs9crx wrote

“Hey there, my name’s GozerDGozerian. Sorry to bother you but I just wanted to warn you that you’re at risk of Rhabdomyelosis… Because I’ve got a HUGE crush on you.”

(This pickup line might work better in the vicinity of a med school or hospital)


ChiggaOG OP t1_jcsb2p1 wrote

That pickup line only works on medical professionals. If you tell a stranger in public they had Rhabdo. You might find they will grab yo ass and yet you to the nearest black hole.


Barryzuckerkorn_esq t1_jcthu3t wrote

Prior to patients release , we pre medicate them with certain medications to dampen the effects of the toxins and then post release of the object we can give additional meds in order to protect cardiac function. The end goal is to get the patient on the dialysis


Rickymsohh t1_jcsaz23 wrote

Not the kind of crush I was expecting


voodoohotdog t1_jcth591 wrote

If I'm not mistaken the damage can be mitigated if the patient can be put on dialysis. But that's a lot of dialysis machines that need to be available, not to mention the electricity to run them, staff, etc.


Lurker_IV t1_jcuiv3a wrote

This sounds like a different name for Rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdomyolysis (also called rhabdo) is a condition in which damaged skeletal muscle breaks down rapidly.[6][4][5] Symptoms may include muscle pains, weakness, vomiting, and confusion.[3][4] There may be tea-colored urine or an irregular heartbeat.[3][5] Some of the muscle breakdown products, such as the protein myoglobin, are harmful to the kidneys and can cause acute kidney injury.[7][3]

The muscle damage is mostly caused by a crush injury, strenuous exercise, medications, or a


Dakto19942 t1_jcvgw35 wrote

I KNEW IT! You heard about this from Ningen Fushin, didn’t you?


ChiggaOG OP t1_jcvjrtp wrote


How I found out about the disease state. I had to check if there was any truth to the authors putting that in an anime becuase stuff can be made up. There's always a reason the author puts stuff from life in anime, like how all high school animes have a sports festival.


ShesSoBored t1_jcvkgkd wrote

My sister was dating a guy who had a car fall on him and pin him. He made a full recovery which apparently he didn't have a high chance of.


Pitcherhelp t1_jcsgmji wrote

I thought it was when u have a cute girl in your math class


Annoyed_94 t1_jcroxh8 wrote

A similar thing happens with suspension trauma when you fall and deploy PFAS. Deaths occur after rescue if not handled properly.


_PM_ME_YOUR_FORESKIN t1_jct0spf wrote

>deploy PFAS

Nothing I love more than an inaccessible acronym not spelled out for ease of understanding on a global message board.


pzikho t1_jctjni4 wrote

Yeah, not sure what they're gonna do with all that time they saved. PFAS = Personal Fall Arrest System. Harnesses, lanyards, and yoyos designed to stop you from falling to your death. Hanging in a harness is PAINFUL and it absolutely cuts off circulation to your legs. Getting down out of the harness as soon as possible is a priority.