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Raven3131 t1_jcrhwbx wrote

And the worst part is it often doesn’t kill you until they pull the heavy thing off you and you are free. Then the toxins from the crushed tissues flood into your system and you’re done.


DEATHROAR12345 t1_jcrvnm2 wrote

Episode of house where they have to use a handsaw to amputate this woman's leg. If they lift the debris she goes into shock and does from sepsis, they can't fit a good power tool down there so they have to use a human powered one.


littlemusicteacher t1_jcrzk9r wrote

So it definitely wasn't lupus, then.


SmartChump t1_jcsbzc5 wrote

It’s never lupus


mattaugamer t1_jctg2zx wrote

Iirc she died of a fat embolism, a common result of a severe crush injury.


SomeIndividual1 t1_jct1pst wrote

can't they just tie a belt around the area, pull her out, then cut it off?


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_jcs4s0z wrote

The same thing can happen with fall restraint. If the person who fell can’t self-rescue, their harness can cut off circulation to the legs. Very important to get them down as fast as possible.


GreenElite87 t1_jcsluij wrote

This is the reason that many safety harnesses have a rope or wire attachment that allows them to create a loop to step into so that they can stand in their harness to prevent this issue until rescue.


fairie_poison t1_jctdmwc wrote

but if you hit your head and are knocked unconscious, its just a minutes game.