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DEATHROAR12345 t1_jcrvnm2 wrote

Episode of house where they have to use a handsaw to amputate this woman's leg. If they lift the debris she goes into shock and does from sepsis, they can't fit a good power tool down there so they have to use a human powered one.


littlemusicteacher t1_jcrzk9r wrote

So it definitely wasn't lupus, then.


SmartChump t1_jcsbzc5 wrote

It’s never lupus


mattaugamer t1_jctg2zx wrote

Iirc she died of a fat embolism, a common result of a severe crush injury.


SomeIndividual1 t1_jct1pst wrote

can't they just tie a belt around the area, pull her out, then cut it off?