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Thiccaca t1_jdux5hv wrote

In reality, the requirement to pray towards Mecca is actually fairly reasonable here. It is only required that you pray towards the planet as best you can Prayer and fasting times are based on the departing time zone on earth. Pretty practical.


RobleViejo t1_jduxnxg wrote

Remember the first Riddick movie? They prayed towards Earth. I always thought it was cool space traveling people knew in which direction Earth was at all times.


Bmystic t1_jdvanej wrote

I caught that one on Netflix last night and had to rewatch. It shows it's age pretty hard. Still enjoyed it.


Alpha433 t1_jdwc6ro wrote

Oh ya, pitch black really is showing its age, but in a way its simplicity helps to build the atmosphere better. It's a bunch of stranded travelers on a desolate world, going fantastical would have killed the bleak tone of the movie.


oldar4 t1_jdwjxx8 wrote

Tbh even when it came out it looked cheap.


mediumokra t1_jdvitof wrote

So Muslims in the future will be taught to pray 5 times a day facing the planet that Mohammed was born on.


Mode3 t1_je33ph2 wrote

Facing the direction where the planet used to be…


MandolinMagi t1_jdxp5a1 wrote

Also, IIRC if all else fails, default to Mecca time and Allah understands


earthmann t1_jdzu9hg wrote

“Best you can” sounds very relative and something future space colonies will wage war over.


Thiccaca t1_jdzzjnk wrote

Possibly. The thought of a Space Taliban is worrisome.


Digger-of-Tunnels t1_je0mkwx wrote

My first reaction was, "Which way is Mecca? Down!" I'm kind of relieved that turns out to be the correct answer.


Mundane-Ad-3142 t1_jdv59gd wrote

Praying to a supernatural entity based on conceptual timezones is pretty practical /s


lord_ne t1_jdv78fa wrote

Rather than timezone, it's based on the sunrise/sunset times of where you departed from.


Thiccaca t1_jdv6ekh wrote

I mean, compared to what groups like the Taliban demand people do, yes, it is reasonable.


Mundane-Ad-3142 t1_jdv8jz6 wrote

I don't think you know what the word reasonable means lol.


Archberdmans t1_jdvefyl wrote

Sounds like you don’t tbh


Mundane-Ad-3142 t1_jdviv6e wrote

Reasonable: having sound judgement; fair and sensible.

To commit your entire belief system to an unjust, malignant, contradictory comsos creator and worship said being multiple times a day to appease its demands is not REASONABLE.

Words have meanings. You are being either intentionally ignorant or perhaps lack the critical thinking skills necessary to understand this concept.


Archberdmans t1_jdvps9n wrote

So, it’s equally as unreasonable to be a science believing deist as it is to a Taliban member?

Sounds like a very unreasonable system of analysis if you ask me haha. Maybe belief and being a reasonable person isn’t that black and white and everyone does in some way believe in systems that aren’t exactly real. Economics assumes everyone’s a rational actor, and that’s not true at all. Yet we still find utility in economics.


CrazedCreator t1_jdvkcwc wrote

To be fair, it's not about the exact times. It's about the religious discipline and community achieved by achieving consistent timing. Putting God above anything else that could be happening at that time. The times have historical/religious/cultural significance but these things will evolve as humans make the way out word. As more Muslim go to space each station will likely have it's own schedule. Near light ships will maybe have their own, as is it okay to go 100 years without payer if it felt like an hour to you.