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DeadandGonzo t1_jdvag07 wrote

It is interesting to think of astronauts, specialized in physics, biology, and technical material (naturalistic) explanations of our universe as theists.


Pain_Proof t1_jdya0bg wrote

I've never felt like my belief contradicted my love of science. I figured the big bang could've easily been orchestrated by a higher being


Pay08 t1_jdw2tzl wrote

Quite a lot of astronauts are religious. And a lot turn religious after they've been to space.


Bear-Ferr t1_jdvk0wl wrote

All the education in the world can't solve everything.


[deleted] t1_jdwhrnk wrote



Bear-Ferr t1_jdwl30r wrote

Religion has an excellent track record of that.


Wasabi_Guacamole t1_jdwm8rq wrote

Well, this is an individual(s) choosing to abide by their beliefs, not a group of extremists. Might not be wise to generalize.


Bear-Ferr t1_jdwrx3u wrote

I agree. Shame the 3 most popular religions generalize all people outside of their religion and condemn them to execution. Shoot! If only there were more educated theists to stop it.