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VengefulMight OP t1_jd6tc5j wrote

I would imagine that Pacino’s tantrum is little known, because it was overshadowed by Marlon Brandon’s own boycott.


InfluenceDear9975 t1_jd6ulj1 wrote

Well, when Marlon Brando boycotts something, it tends to steal the show like a true Godfather.


theguineapigssong t1_jd782gq wrote

Why doesn't Marlon Brando, the largest Best Actor Nominee, not simply eat the others?


Travillick t1_jd7o4pa wrote

It is true what they say, men are from omicron persei 7, women are from omicron persei 9.


mer-madi t1_jd9yc2i wrote

One of these days, Nd-Nd, Bang! Zoom! Straight to the third moon of Omicron Persei 8!


ebikr t1_jd6zb4n wrote

Shame they couldn’t be more mature about it like a couple of good fellas.


TeamWonderful7670 t1_jd7uy3s wrote

At least Brando did it for good reason.


tifou27 t1_jdb6ayd wrote

What was the reason?


ankur16 t1_jdbho9s wrote

To support the cause for Native Indians. BTW i am indian , indian from India and i came to know this recently only about this boycott.


LisaCaserta t1_jdbrpv4 wrote

Very sad you make fun of a established award winning actor Godfather won 9 Oscars once u get best picture everyone gets the Oscar you the only difference is the cast members has to buy them last time I checked they went for kids have no idea how hard it is to work on any film.


freedfg t1_jd8wgqf wrote

I mean. I'd be royally pissed too.

He is the main character. The protagonist.

The movie is ABOUT Michael.

Supporting actor I guess idk.


Anx1etyD0g t1_jda3xt7 wrote

Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) is on the cover, and on posters with the title. He is Godfather for a large amount of screen time. A significant element of the story is how large of a figure Vito is, and his shadow looms over Michael after becoming Godfather. Take into account Brando's huge career before that, and it makes sense for him to be considered the lead.


the_killer_cannabis t1_jdake6z wrote

From a story structure standpoint, Vito is in no way shape or form the lead. This is simply industry respect and politics. Forget screen time, measuring that is pointless. Red has the most screentime in Shawshank but Andy Dufrane is very clearly the protagonist of that story. Theory wise (and in practice), the best way to identify the protagonist of a story is to see which character has the strongest desire and acts on it. Now, they doesn't necessarily make them the lead too, but in the case of Michael/The God Father it does.

The reason he was nominated for best supporting is the same reason Timothy Hutton was put up for best supporting actor in Ordinary People when he was very clearly the lead there as well.

The academy/industry has a habit of pushing an actor to supporting when nominating because they think they'll have an easier time winning that category or because they have another actor in the film they'd prefer to nominate for best actor. It's that simple.


Level3Kobold t1_jdapibx wrote

>Theory wise (and in practice), the best way to identify the protagonist of a story is to see which character has the strongest desire and acts on it.

Bilbo isn't the protagonist, Thorin is


underthingy t1_jdaxqw7 wrote

Actually by that metric the ring is the protagonist.


Sad-Faithlessness377 t1_jdb4ui1 wrote

Actually by that metric Sauron is the protagonist.


underthingy t1_jdb593k wrote

Nah, he just sits there doing nothing.

The ring actually imposes its will on the ring bearers and makes them act how it wants.


jerebare t1_jdb2ni0 wrote

I mostly considered it from what point of the view the story is mostly being told by. Reading the hobbit the protagonist would be Bilbo, but watching the movie versions it does go to Thorin, then Gandalf, Bilbo, Legolas, etc.


Level3Kobold t1_jdb36nt wrote

Intriguingly, that would mean that the count of monte cristo is not the main character of the count of monte cristo


pinkheartpiper t1_jdalkbq wrote

I'd say putting Vito Corleone on posters was an obvious marketing choice. His is an instanlty more interesting and iconic image than Michael's. Also, Brando was a big star, Pacino wasn't. I don't think it counts as who the protagonist is. It's clearly Michael.


[deleted] t1_jd7yxro wrote

That’s a weird picture of Al Pacino.


sabersquirl t1_jd92psm wrote

Tell me you haven’t been on reddit for very long without telling me. If you didn’t know, Reddit often pulls the first image from a page for the thumbnail. So if I were a betting man, I would have to guess the article isn’t specifically about Al Pacino.


DirtySingh t1_jd9bl16 wrote

Wow, you could have said the same without being a condescending tool.


stinking_badgers t1_jd9ip4x wrote

I really want to tease you about how if you’re expecting redditors to not be condescending tools you haven’t been on Reddit very long, but I’m afraid you’ll get mad at me.


Shishakli t1_jd9n2vk wrote

Expecting people to do the wrong thing does not excuse people from doing the wrong thing


bobcat7781 t1_jd7o1yo wrote

Al, the movie wasn't called "The Godfather's Son".


elvis_depressedly8 t1_jd87pwe wrote

But the whole movie literally is about Michael becoming The Godfather. They won’t even take the wedding picture until he’s there, that’s how important Michael is. When the family needs someone to step up, it’s almost always Michael. So much so that he has to flee to Sicily for a huge chunk of time.

Marlon Brando isn’t the main character. He was just the biggest name associated with the movie at the time.


clonetrooper250 t1_jd8as88 wrote

Exactly this, "The Godfather" refers to Michael, not Vito.


mnstorm t1_jd8r76f wrote

We also know this because they made one more movie after this, The Godfather Part II.


clonetrooper250 t1_jd8sniv wrote

Come to think of it, I feel like DeNiro's Vito gets more screentime in Part II than Brando's Vito in part I, although I haven't compared the two myself.


hobbitdude13 t1_jd7oz0r wrote

Abbot and Costello Meet The Son of the Bride of the Godfather Part II


DvlsAdvct108 t1_jd8zc76 wrote

"I made him an offer he can't, who's on first?"


coredump3d t1_jd96snp wrote

The Godfather referred is Michael Corleone. This is his story - of transformation from an unassuming boy young man to the ruthless head of the Corleone crime family


Samiel_Fronsac t1_jd9b32t wrote

>of transformation from an unassuming boy college dropout turned us marine war hero to the ruthless head of the Corleone crime family

Just a little correction. Carry on.


RUNdoneDIDit t1_jd71zvs wrote

Does it not go by whoever gets top billing. Whoever is top on the list is the main actor and anyone underneath is supporting?


ST616 t1_jd74x8t wrote

The article mentions that in 1935 two actors were both nominated for best actor for the same film.


No-Transition4060 t1_jd8zkoa wrote

Didn’t Amadeus have the same thing? F Murray Abraham actually got the Oscar but his Co-Star was going nominated for the same award I think?


space-is-big t1_jd9q8rr wrote

Who would the main character in superbad be? Seth or Evan?


ItsGoldJerry t1_jdarj20 wrote

I think Seth because of the whole college thing. Evan seems more of a supporting role. Good question though, made me think haha.


Rebloodican t1_jd8y0b1 wrote

Judas and the Black Messiah nominated their two lead actors in the Best Supporting Actor category. Movie producers are ultimately the ones who make the call (and will slot their actors/actresses strategically to maximize the awards they can get).


[deleted] t1_jd725zn wrote



TomHanksBeachDay t1_jd78yuy wrote

Or maybe because he’s the main character and not in a supporting role. And should Brando win over him he wants lose properly, nominated in the same category as him (the Godfather has 2 main characters . Instead of moving down to the supporting category, taking a supporting actor who deserved to win’s Oscar, taking a different actor’s nomination, and for the rest of time everyone thinking “Wow, did Pacino really move categories just to not lose to Brando and win one for himself…. what a bitch.”


TomHanksBeachDay t1_jd7901r wrote

Or maybe because he’s the main character and not in a supporting role. And should Brando win over him he wants lose properly, nominated in the same category as him (the Godfather has 2 main characters). Instead of moving down to the supporting category, taking a supporting actor who deserved to win’s Oscar, taking a different actor’s nomination, and for the rest of time everyone thinking “Wow, did Pacino really move categories just to not lose to Brando and win one for himself…. what a bitch.”


[deleted] t1_jd7e6hc wrote



hotpants86 t1_jd7ijen wrote

What kind of take is this?

No he wasn't. It's not about winning or losing, it's about being respectful and recognising him as the main star of the movie - which he was.


iamtheju t1_jd7p5jb wrote

You nominate for the Oscar you think you can win. It happens all the time. It's understandable that he wanted the bigger nomination but the other poster is correct that he had no chance against Brando.


hotpants86 t1_jdaxjq8 wrote

Dude it has nothing to do with winning.

I am a manager and I have support officers. I would be pissed off if I was taken out of the pool of other managers to be compared with for a prize or bonus or award. If someone said to me we'll put you in the support officers pool because you'll win I'd be pissed off.

I don't care if I don't win. I'd like to win but if someone has done more to earn it then so be it. What I do care about is being put forward for something less than I'm currently doing. That's insulting.

I'm not sure why you guys are so hung up about the winning thing, it's about being recognised for what you're doing/have done not about winning a prize.

Edit: looks like the other poster isn't right and agrees with me because he's deleted his comment lol


iamtheju t1_jdba01k wrote

I would bet that most of the time if they are spending the large amount not of money it costs to campaign for an Oscar nomination they would want to win.

I'm not saying it's right to be nominated in the lower prestige category than the role you played, I'm just saying it's not uncommon.


ricottapie t1_jd9cazl wrote

From the 1979 interview, as cited on Wiki: >Before Serpico, you were up for Best Supporting Actor for The Godfather. Do you feel you were in the wrong category?

>Pacino: Oh, sure. Definitely. That was outrageous. It's things like that that get you a little sour. I decided to pass the ceremonies by. There were certain people around me who wanted to write a letter, who wanted me to announce that I would not accept the nomination. I would always say, "Let it go. Let it go. Don't make waves." But then, even though I didn't go, I watched it on TV. I felt bad. I didn't care for that kind of contradiction.

Sounds like he was encouraged to boycott it but didn't follow through on an official level. He just didn't show up. That could be taken as a statement in itself, but he wasn't one for public appearances or doing a lot of press, so it probably didn't even register with those not in the know as a rebuff. And then he felt bad, haha.

Edited to close the quotation marks


ipauljr44 t1_jd8asez wrote

Brando meanwhile boycotted the Academy Awards to protest Hollywood’s treatment of Native Americans. I wonder who is the bigger man.


kingoftheplebsIII t1_jd8sl4g wrote

According to Google, Pacino 5'6" Brando 5'9" so Brando is in fact the bigger man.


leakyfaucet3 t1_jdadiu3 wrote

Brando is decomposing while Pacino still walks the earth, so I'm not sure you're correct.


SplendidPunkinButter t1_jd936dw wrote

Oh like boycotting the Academy Awards hurts someone. Pacino didn’t like what they did, so he didn’t go to a dumb awards show. That’s not a tantrum.


series_hybrid t1_jd9uha5 wrote

I would argue that the GF was about the transformation of Michael from the straight kid that was going to become a senator, to the most cunning mob boss ever. To understand Michael, you had to show some of Vito's story, my mind, Michael is definitely the protagonist.


SgtSharki t1_jd948wv wrote

Pacino lost Best Supporting Actor to Joel Grey for his performance as the MC in "Cabaret", so I doubt most people even remember this happened.


[deleted] t1_jd6xgty wrote



VengefulMight OP t1_jd6z8aa wrote

Both for The Godfather. Brando won but refused to accept the award and sent someone to lecture the audience about Native Americans instead.


kudichangedlives t1_jd6z5vt wrote

Classic mob movie, the first part of 3, I'm sure you'd recognize the title


VengefulMight OP t1_jd6z9jk wrote

Only the first two of those films need be acknowledged.


SpunKDH t1_jd76gvi wrote

I don't get you people with this stance. Is it a masterpiece? Maybe not but still a great movie with a solid story. Your purism is really borderline gatekeeping and totally childish


RedshirtStormtrooper t1_jd7ar64 wrote

The irony of your gatekeeping comments are the real gift of this thread. Go on and tell us more about what we should or should not enjoy, yano, in case our childish brains don't comprehend the magnificent world of Cinema.

Edit: gotdamn, they deleted their whole Reddit life


MarcusXL t1_jd6zx8q wrote

There was no part 3.

This is how we are remembering it.


zippypaul t1_jdb699w wrote

I guess they made him an offer he COULD refuse


JorgeSeptien t1_jdbxcu6 wrote

That picture is not Al Pacino. That is Egyptian actor Salah Zulfikar.


Gooseloff t1_jdaeb69 wrote

I always hated when they do this. Specifically, they did the same shit on Lion and I always thought it was dumb.


Successful-Royal-235 t1_jdb2iwm wrote

After the critics voted Laurence Olivier Best Actor because Brando and Pacino cancelled each other out, the studio made the call that Brando is lead, and Pacino supporting.


Sixslinger t1_jdb53nw wrote

I read this as "A.I." and it made me do a double take while scrolling by. I... uh need sleep.


Remote-District-9255 t1_jd8xc8k wrote

Title character, brah. *I was thinking the baptism was in GF2 but I guess it was at the end of 1


AngelSucked t1_jd9fbui wrote

Interesting -- I've always considered "The Godfather" to either mean Michael, or maybe Michael and Vito. It is Don Michael's origin story.


DroolingIguana t1_jd9w2og wrote

The novel that it was based on was both Vito and Michael's origin stories, but they left the young Vito stuff out of the movie and put it in the sequel.


shivermetimbers68 t1_jd8d0cp wrote

I would have switched it. Actually, I would have given the supporting award to James Caan. He was the pulse of the movie until...


template009 t1_jd8megj wrote

And then Brando sent a Mexican women to refuse the award on behalf of Native people.


Indymizzum t1_jd8zl8s wrote

She was American. She claimed to be of Native American descent, but her sisters refuted that after her death.


gortexcondom t1_jd9oblb wrote

You do realize people from Mexico can be indigenous too? It’s Native American, not native United States. America is more than one continent and it’s not like the indigenous people even used our same borders anyways…


template009 t1_jd9wbmd wrote

Holy shit! You mean the Aztecs were real!?

She claimed her name is Sacheen Littlefeather, that she is Apache and Yaqui. Her real name is Cruz and she has not a drop of Native blood.

This would have been so easy for you to look up, it is astonishing that you decided, instead, to point out the laughably obvious.


gortexcondom t1_jd9xcoi wrote

lmao that made me laugh. I’m aware she faked being indigenous, I didn’t need to look it up. I just didn’t like the way you worded it, why mention she was Mexican? Being Mexican and native isn’t mutually exclusive… that’s all I was saying. Kinda off putting when people like you focus so much on race


template009 t1_jd9zgjr wrote

I focus on race?

This is a gem!



gortexcondom t1_jd9zrxw wrote

Do you wonder why many other people downvoted your initial comment? Albeit true, you added nothing of substance to the conversation. I hope you realize that, it was weird of you to make this post about race.

Says a lot about you, that you’re upset over Marlon Brando protesting for Native American rights...


template009 t1_jdahiaj wrote


I hear a fly buzzing with indignation ...

Bzzz bzzz


[deleted] t1_jd8i203 wrote



qwertycantread t1_jda00cu wrote

The studio wanted Edward G. Robinson instead of Brando for that role. Coppola had to fight for him.


Pluto_Rising t1_jda0poi wrote

Right? Brando was considered non- hireable, he was on a losing streak, and a total prima donna. That biopic that came out last year was a master class.

Had to fight to get Pacino cast too, as I recall. Forget atm who they wanted originally for Michael.


qwertycantread t1_jda2szp wrote

I haven’t seen that making-of movie. So it’s good?


Pluto_Rising t1_jda4ed2 wrote

It's really good. Even for someone who's never seen any of the Godfather trilogy.

The Offer is about Al Ruddy, an unknown whose boss at Paramount decided could make an impossible-to-make film.

Tons of amazing trivia facts along the way that most of us were totally unaware of.