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VengefulMight OP t1_jd6z8aa wrote

Both for The Godfather. Brando won but refused to accept the award and sent someone to lecture the audience about Native Americans instead.


kudichangedlives t1_jd6z5vt wrote

Classic mob movie, the first part of 3, I'm sure you'd recognize the title


VengefulMight OP t1_jd6z9jk wrote

Only the first two of those films need be acknowledged.


SpunKDH t1_jd76gvi wrote

I don't get you people with this stance. Is it a masterpiece? Maybe not but still a great movie with a solid story. Your purism is really borderline gatekeeping and totally childish


RedshirtStormtrooper t1_jd7ar64 wrote

The irony of your gatekeeping comments are the real gift of this thread. Go on and tell us more about what we should or should not enjoy, yano, in case our childish brains don't comprehend the magnificent world of Cinema.

Edit: gotdamn, they deleted their whole Reddit life


MarcusXL t1_jd6zx8q wrote

There was no part 3.

This is how we are remembering it.