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zx109 t1_jef9itq wrote

I thought we lived here because thats where the aliens dropped us off


welcometothespaceoly t1_jefelpw wrote

We dropped you off on mars, not sure how you got here


killroystyx t1_jefsfmr wrote

Like that story about the Hebrews of old being descendents of time travelers from Mars who were stranded here when they jumped forward in time to escape the destruction of Mars in a civil war over the existence of magic. At least thats where some of the the people of Atlantis were from before they destabilized it and sank it into the sea(not their fault, poor planning sounds like). And thats where architects of the pyramids were from. ALL the pyramids.


rdyoung t1_jefwvwf wrote

I thought the pyramids were landing pads for space ships.


ithinarine t1_jefep0k wrote

Honestly more believable than a dude in the sky creating us out of nothing.