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NouveauNewb t1_jbb4g4j wrote

You'd get more benefit from studying epistemology in a Philosophy 101 class rather than arguing the validity of the scientific method.


TheVegabond101 t1_jbb545u wrote

U don't know what u r talking i never argued validity of any method....i said its theoretical at the end of the day....not exact. Its your fault that ur brain interpret my message wrong. Now don't start Brain Vs Mind topic....cause it will be philosophy 101


NouveauNewb t1_jbb9fzq wrote

Science is theory. Seriously though, start with Descartes if college is out of reach. Becoming more well-rounded will help you prove your point because the way you say stuff now contradicts itself.


ACoolKoala t1_jbb9kxl wrote

Saying you as a human being have to physically be on the planet to measure the density of it is questioning the validity of the method we use to measure density of planets. We use accurate satellites and you deny their information as not accurate enough because a human being wasn't there. Do you see the logical fallacy in that? Do you realize we don't need physical human beings on the planet to do actual accurate science? Do you deny any of the info you learn from mars rovers because it wasn't gathered in person by a human being? Once again it's 2023 and that's not logical.