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Gabi_Social t1_jds2gxd wrote

Ridiculous, isn't it. I bet there's mayo in the back of my fridge that's "vintage".


[deleted] t1_jds7zl8 wrote

Well, better start calling your fridge a vintage cold storage unit and selling it for premium price on Etsy.


Gabi_Social t1_jds9zi1 wrote

Might flip my vintage DVD of "Charlie's Angels" for a premium price.


Ok_Copy5217 OP t1_jds3inf wrote

there is a trend for fashion to be recycled every few decades or so. Do you still see 80s jean jackets in style today?


ninpho2246 t1_jds8xdf wrote

The term is planned obsolescence and everything gets fazed out and brought back to keep the system perpetual.


SlightRedeye t1_jduxhrq wrote

Planned obsolescence has absolutely nothing to do with fashion preferences. How on earth did you come to this conclusion?


ninpho2246 t1_jdv5vl5 wrote

Cause you won't read the article here is the first few paragraphs.

Planned obsolescence, or what was known in the 1930s as ‘creative waste,’ is an old trick companies use to create recurring revenue, by intentionally designing their products to become obsolete.

The first is through perceived obsolescence, whereby fast-changing trends render old styles obsolete, driving unnecessary consumption. Fast fashion brands such as H&M or Zara put out anywhere between 12 to 24 collections every year, at least twice the industry standard.

Another way that fashion companies drive obsolescence is by producing poor quality items. Within a matter of weeks, customers find new clothing coming apart at the seams or losing color, soles coming off of footwear, or jewelry breaking apart.

From Wikipedia about planned obsolescence

plan would have the government impose a legal obsolescence on personal-use items, to stimulate and perpetuate purchasing.

God damn I love being correct.


SlightRedeye t1_jdvk652 wrote

I've never heard of planned obselesence used in the fashion context before, I'm happy to say you're right.

Patting yourself on the back so hard makes you look like an asshole though.


SaraRainmaker t1_jdwjaar wrote

Actually... (sorry I had to)

Fast Fashion is planned obsolescence - ie: Making shoddy inexpensive clothing that people only wear once or twice and then it falls apart.

It has nothing to do with trends, fads or styles, which are driven by music, celebrities and yes fashion designers and textile companies.


ninpho2246 t1_jdw0bji wrote

I look like many things from many perceptions. Yours is nothing new.


phdoofus t1_jdwas66 wrote

When my mom passes, I'm claiming her fridge because that damn thing has been going since the 80's


debzmonkey t1_jds7qyq wrote

At a complete loss on what 90s or early 00s fashion looks like. What's distinctive about it?


tiggertom66 t1_jdt92ab wrote

Baggy clothes, lots of flannel, band T-shirts from the era.


sigaven t1_jdtxgxs wrote

Abercrombie t-shirts, cargo shorts, ripped jeans.


Downvote_me_dumbass t1_jdu1u2g wrote

Ever hear of capris? Those and “pant shorts” were a thing (a zipper converted pants to shorts).


T-Rex_Woodhaven t1_jdu6mo3 wrote

Look at the Spice Girls for things on the pop-y side (overly tight-fitting clubbing clothes with belly ribbed sweatshirts) and the show Friends for clothes on the preppy side (everything is too big on guys which includes polo shirts and straight-leg blue jeans). Button-up shirts that are unbuttoned with crazy patterns and colors and a tee underneath.


BMFhartz1 t1_jdswtck wrote

That will change in 20 years when there are no longer 20 year old clothes due to them all being made with cheap petrochemicals.


__Hoof__Hearted__ t1_jds94vl wrote

I've still got loads of my clothes from then in good nick. Not sure a load of baggy jeans and Nirvana/dead Kennedys tee shirts would be worth selling though lol.


thescumdiary t1_jdsgjmg wrote

Old band shirts are definitely worth something, especially if they're originals!


DarkAngel900 t1_jds6sj3 wrote

Oh shit. I have clothes in my storage, that old.


Jef_Wheaton t1_jdsbo9o wrote

A few weeks ago I was talking to a fellow member of our hobby group, and realized the shirt I had been wearing that morning was 7 years older than she was.

She's 23. I bought that shirt new.


RickLeeTaker t1_jdtrf90 wrote

Happens to me ALL the time. "Hi. My shirt is older than you."


LedZacclin t1_jdst2rj wrote

It’s gotta be stylish though, can’t just be a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt


kalekayn t1_jdvpbbd wrote

oof, I feel called out although it is more like jersey than a regular t shirt.


MyOnlyEnemyIsMeSTYG t1_jdschog wrote

Was in a mall recently and kids are wearing JNCO’s !!! That big ass rave jeans company is alive and kicking. Sadly tossed all mine years ago or Id sell them some OG’s


bongblaster420 t1_jduquil wrote

A kid offered me 500 bucks for my Pantera ‘Far Beyond Driven’ tour shirt. Not only did it make me feel old and out of touch, but it pissed me off that he had 500 bucks to piss away on a ratty old band shirt.


dvdmaven t1_jdsqqp1 wrote

With few exceptions, all of my shirts and slacks/jeans date back to 1990s; plus some of my boots. My coats are even more vintage. My painter's pants are from my Navy days in the late 1970s.


Ok_Copy5217 OP t1_jdt4314 wrote

how come you haven't bought new clothing?


dvdmaven t1_jdt81nn wrote

I had a friend who was a bit of a clothes horse, who died in 2004. His GF gave me two wardrobes full of clothes: Gap, LL Bean, that level. Still have one that's mostly shirts.


TechFiend72 t1_jdsrc7e wrote

My closet is full of vintage clothing then!


KevMenc1998 t1_jdt52j9 wrote

Starts looking for my hearing aids


Fightshrubb t1_jdtp1o8 wrote

That's why my Etsy shop pops off with my JNCO Jeans that have been haunting my closet for 2 decades.


PatrickMorris t1_jduqw4q wrote

Big Johnson shirts are finally going to make a comeback?


Ok_Copy5217 OP t1_jdseku3 wrote

what are your favorite vintage fashions from 90s, early 00s?


Fightshrubb t1_jdtpa25 wrote

Low rise women's jeans. High rise jeans, please leave.


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_jdsnkp1 wrote

I think some of my tshirts, boxers and socks are from those times, and you wouldn't be able to tell as long as they're washed on occasion


NetDork t1_jdspm48 wrote

Basic jeans and T-shirts, the same stuff I wear now.


CombImpressive3416 t1_jdspxh7 wrote

Yep, it's cray walking arounf at the momement and seeing the kids wearing the same clothes that we did when we were their age!


Ghostmack t1_jdsz8c7 wrote

Guess it’s time to break out my orange Karl Kani hoodie.


IBeTrippin t1_jdtsdan wrote

I have some jeans that I bought in the 90s or early 2000's, that after some weight loss I can now fit in again. What's interesting about them is the front pocket isn't big enough for my phone. Probably because that simply wasn't an issue back then.


T-Rex_Woodhaven t1_jdu69ef wrote

I can see the styles of the 60's, 70's, 80's, and some of the 90's have a place in revival aesthetics, but the late 90's and 00's were just trash.


grainisgurt t1_jdukh6c wrote

I remember Apple telling me they wouldn't repair my 3 year old laptop, even if I paid, because it was 'vintage'.😅


bigfatfurrytexan t1_jduz9ld wrote

I got boxes and boxes of shit that I intended to donate that it appears is back in style now.