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LikeWisedUp t1_jdi0aqu wrote

Yes! MSG was used as racist propaganda and said to give those that consumed it headaches and make them ill.

Sadly this disinformation lives on today, food safety classes required by food workers now are told that MSG is a common food allergy which is wholly untrue


NoFriends182 t1_jdlt6mw wrote

My mum literally tried to ban me from buying MSG to use in some stirfrys and such. Like I'm a 25 year old man not living at home? And then when I bought it she cried yelling how I'm going to get cancer. And didn't speak to me for a year.


Librosaurus t1_jdmmqbd wrote

I don't know if disinformation is a perfectly fair assessment of the milder, modern concerns around MSG (although I don't contest it being disinformation in the past)