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kappakai t1_jdje67x wrote

That’s how a lot of Chinese food is; techniques adapted for local ingredients and preferences. Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Mexico and the US all have their own versions of “Chinese” food that only have a tenuous relationship with their mainland versions. The French basically throw basil in everything. Even Sichuan food in Shanghai is watered down. And Taiwanese food is an amalgamation of many regional mainland cuisines, lightened up and sweetened with some added Japanese influence.

But it’s all also really good.


stickyWithWhiskey t1_jdju39m wrote

>Even Sichuan food in Shanghai is watered down.

That doesn't surprise me. I've only had mostly authentic Sichuan once in my life and it was something else. A guy I used to work with was a first gen immigrant who once gave me some leftovers his mom cooked and it was no joke. I love me some spicy food, but that was a little much for an every day kinda meal. On the bright side, my house is still vampire proof.


kappakai t1_jdjy749 wrote

Maaaaan I went to Chongqing years ago. Got in late and wandered out my hotel to find something to eat. Found this dark dirty grimy hole in the wall a block away and got some chicken. It was cooked in chili oil, smothered with chili sauce, covered with chilis and then another layer of peppercorns. I managed, but it was to my surprise. I think Thai spicy still beats it.

The peppercorns are really annoying. But I kind of miss them now.