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codyt321 t1_jd0dy1e wrote

So you're saying if you thought you had a good case, so good that you thought it was worth going to court, and then you lost then you would forgo your right to appeal?


USAIsAUcountry t1_jd0m0s0 wrote

I don't know what I would do anymore. The more I read about mineral rights and what is and isn't a mineral both technically and basically the muddier it gets. At this point I'm not sure if I even understand what a mineral is anymore or if everything is just arbitrarily a mineral depending on how cold it is outside that day.

I don't think I would have fortitude to even bother to be honest.


odaeyss t1_jd0qgld wrote

Mineral rights are dumb. Just another dumb rule for calvinball we've invented to make everyone's lives more difficult.