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Mammoth-Mud-9609 t1_je9e4zg wrote

I think there was a larger one in Florida elected as governor.


Troggy t1_je9jbvk wrote

Fuck man, you can't hide from the political bullshit anywhere.


4Ever2Thee t1_jea3utf wrote

And it's not even an election year. I've grown to dread election years.


sQueezedhe t1_jea6eft wrote

Politics is everything, and since the fascists are trying to take over they'll turn absolutely every possible opportunity into culture war bs instead of staying the hell out of people's lives, and spending taxes on those who pay them.


Troggy t1_jeaa61n wrote

> absolutely every possible opportunity into culture war bs

But like, on reddit, this is you guys. This is a post about literal snowflakes and yall tryin to make it about politics.


tyler1128 t1_jeaxjmg wrote

It's a reference to DeSantis receiving recently a snowflake art piece where every spike of it was a fairly hard to read text fascist that he took a picture with.


Landlubber77 t1_je9euvc wrote

> Larger than milk pans

Americans will use anything but the metric system to measure things.


BigCountry76 t1_je9lqcp wrote

As an American I have no idea what a milk pan is so I'm just as confused.


RJFerret t1_jea3lf5 wrote

Milk pan, abbreviated "mp" is part of the metric system, hence not being taught to most Americans.

Ten times smaller are individual egg pans, or "ep".

Ten times larger you've got pizza pan, aka "pp".


Frosti-Feet t1_jea8dhw wrote

So what you’re telling me is that even a small pp is still adequate?


gheebutersnaps87 t1_je9ziqz wrote

Pretty sure it’s just a really big bowl, kinda like a fruit bowl, it was used for separating milk and cream by letting it sit till the cream rises to the top


nathanfay t1_je9nzq5 wrote

Are there any pictures of one?


deepsea333 t1_jeajob8 wrote


And the last time this was posted and debunked,

This is the line that was highlighted from the article

> “due to lack of photographic evidence”

Reports of pie plate sized snowflakes from soldiers waiting out a storm in 1887 probably included a large measure of alcohol and bullshit.


Bizznitchy t1_je9qdoz wrote

Yes,but its a Polaroid instamatic. Still waiting for it to develop Shake,shake,shake!


cranbeery t1_je9bsq2 wrote

Weird, all my milk pans are 16 inches wide.

Edit: TIL what a milk pan is. A small sauce pot with a little spout on the edge, for heating milk. Still a weird comparison.


AlanZero t1_je9rydi wrote

What the fuck is a milk pan?


Visszage t1_jea6jzd wrote

It’s for cooking milk steak


Technologenesis t1_jeabp8f wrote

Hell yeah, nothing like some milk steak after a nice session of magnets and ghouls


default82781 t1_jeacmej wrote

With a side of jelly beans. The perfect meal for a full on rapist!


huh_phd t1_jeaal8q wrote



Sir_Snowman t1_jeaqrwp wrote

So how many armadillos across is that?


sarlackpm t1_jea85c3 wrote

Yet another unit of measurement that makes no sense.


shinobi7 t1_jeay9yw wrote

The record stood until Tucker Carlson made it to Fox News.


Capnreid t1_jebalsq wrote

Yeah thats definitely not a crock of shit


FrillySteel t1_jeakhww wrote

I have no idea what you were doing Googling "world's largest snowflake", but I appreciate the tenacity, OP.


silentmikhail t1_jeaty30 wrote

You can see bigger ones at your local liberal arts college all year round


yeah__good__ok t1_jebo5xq wrote

Yep, they'll be the right wingers protesting whatever innocuous thing somebody else told them to be scared of that week and amusingly calling everyone else snowflakes.