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Landlubber77 t1_je9euvc wrote

> Larger than milk pans

Americans will use anything but the metric system to measure things.


BigCountry76 t1_je9lqcp wrote

As an American I have no idea what a milk pan is so I'm just as confused.


RJFerret t1_jea3lf5 wrote

Milk pan, abbreviated "mp" is part of the metric system, hence not being taught to most Americans.

Ten times smaller are individual egg pans, or "ep".

Ten times larger you've got pizza pan, aka "pp".


Frosti-Feet t1_jea8dhw wrote

So what you’re telling me is that even a small pp is still adequate?


gheebutersnaps87 t1_je9ziqz wrote

Pretty sure it’s just a really big bowl, kinda like a fruit bowl, it was used for separating milk and cream by letting it sit till the cream rises to the top