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amtheredothat t1_jeafv61 wrote

Honestly it's pretty possible that Disney would not have let New Orleans fall into such disrepair. They can lobby with the best of them and would have had those levies fixed pronto in 1970 when the issues were discovered.


temporarysecretary17 t1_jeaua11 wrote

Someone, write an alternate history novel where Mickey Mouse stops Katrina.


Cybertronian10 t1_jec8qlt wrote

You are talking about fixing the levies, but honestly The house of mouse sending its legions against hurricanes doesn't strike me as impossible.


proggR t1_jecgv2k wrote

This reminds me of this classic copypasta

> It is actual Muppets canon that Kermit the Frog, in some way, had a role in bringing down the Twin Towers in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

> In a Muppets Christmas film released in late 2002, Kermit is shown a glimpse of what New York City might look like if he had never been born. Among the scenery of this alternate reality NYC, we find none other than the Twin Towers proudly standing in the background. They were, of course, long destroyed in Kermit's normal reality. And yet, in the world without Kermit, the war on terror is missing its powder keg spark. Who would've thought that green piece of fuck could kermit a terror attack on US soil, but there it stands unimpeachable... We have concrete, canon proof of involvement. Why the world hasn't stopped and asked further questions is only further proof of a media cabal keeping this conversation away from the masses.

> The Twin Towers would still be standing if it weren't for Kermit the Frog. Al Qaeda was the puppet this time, and Kermit the hand within.


Solidsnakeerection t1_jef3dpu wrote

Ninja Turtles can also be blamed. There is and episode of the show where they stop Shredder from putting a force field around the twin towers


MisterCortez t1_jeb2bnx wrote

And Florida has become a rotting, gangrenous skin tag the rest of America is desperate to forget.


SPEK2120 t1_jebw9qh wrote

>a rotting, gangrenous skin tag

I can't keep up with all the euphemisms for Desantis.


wdwerker t1_jeb8m9v wrote

Can we tie a string tightly and wait for it to fall off ?


airp0rt t1_jecj24d wrote

Walt Disney was not one to mince words when it came to matters of life and death. As he stood before Gerald Ford, the President of the United States, he made it clear that there was no room for half-measures. "Mr. President," he said, his voice filled with urgency, "we are running out of time. The levees must be strengthened, and they must be strengthened now. Lives are at stake, and we cannot afford to wait any longer."

Ford listened intently, his expression grave. "Walt, I understand your concerns, but the reality is that we are doing everything we can. We have engineers working around the clock, and we are dedicating more resources to this effort than ever before."

But Walt was not satisfied. "With all due respect, Mr. President, 'doing everything we can' is not good enough. We need a real commitment, a real investment in the future of this city. If we don't act now, lives will be lost, and the consequences will be catastrophic. I urge you to think of the people of New Orleans, of their families and their futures. We cannot afford to let them down."

The conversation went on for hours, but in the end, Walt's passion and conviction won out. Ford agreed to dedicate more resources to the levee project, and to work with Disney to ensure that the city was fully prepared for whatever the future might hold. Lives were saved, and the people of New Orleans breathed a little easier, knowing that they had a powerful ally in Walt Disney.


possiblynotanexpert t1_jeakcom wrote

Yeah I was thinking the same when I wrote my last comment. We will never know! Interesting to think about what could have (potentially) been.