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jackmon t1_jebeigq wrote

I've been (only somewhat jokingly) saying this for years. The last few times I went to Disney, I felt like a damned sardine. It wasn't fun. They need to build identical parks adjacent to each other. If your ticket number is odd you go to WDW1. If it's even you go to WDW2. Of course, Disney is making insane profits without having to do this, so there's not real impetus for it unless people stop going due to said sardine-ity killing the fun.


bradorsomething t1_jebhkwo wrote

I’ve hit that point with the Lightning Pass system. It’s very pay to win, so the park is going to devolve into nouveau riche strutting around as working families sweat in line. I’m done with the mouse, unfortunately.


smallz86 t1_jeev4sj wrote

Were you going in peak times?

I went this past 1st of February and it was amazing. Even without fast passes and lightening lanes were never waited more than 30 minutes for a ride.

We stayed at Magic Kingdom until close one night and it was awesome because besides Main Street there weren't that many people in the park.


jackmon t1_jef245w wrote

Last time we went on some random Thursday in mid Feb I think. I grew up close enough to go fairly often back in the 80s and there were crowds. But nothing like it is now. It was literally triggering claustrophobia at times for me. And I don't even mean waiting in lines. That was expectedly horrible. I mean just trying to walk around the park. Like, there was barely any free pedestrian space.


smallz86 t1_jeghatm wrote

My parents went in Feb of 22 and they said something similar.

But when we were there in Feb of 23 they said it was drastically less crowded. So maybe last year was like COVID hangover vacations?


jackmon t1_jegka41 wrote

Maybe. My last trip was back well before covid. Probably around 2015 maybe.