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mrfox12 t1_jbfy1c3 wrote

That's gotta smell horrible. Like really really horrible.


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbfy7xp wrote

And, with that height, you know the wind carries the stench for miles.


mrfox12 t1_jbg2lr8 wrote

I grew up in a house in rural Indiana by a traffic light. Livestock trucks would have to stop all the time, and within that short amount of time, the smell would become unbearable.


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbg3w7n wrote

I went to high school with a kid whose family were hog farmers. Poor kid always smelled like pig shit. He was a nice and smart kid but, no matter how recently he showered, there was always a vague, earthy, shit-smell around him. He got teased and called "Pigpen" which, in fairness, was remarkably clever for high schoolers in the 90's.


Boba_Tea_Mochi t1_jbg5e65 wrote

You got me interested. What happened to Pigpen? Did he continue with his family occupation or did he go on to college and become rich?


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbg6amm wrote

I honestly didn't keep up with him for long after high school. I know that he hated hog farming (he came from an old-fashioned family who considered kids to be free labor), so I doubt that he followed the family business, especially the way family farms have been bought up by corporate interests. I know that he enlisted in the Marines and spent some time in Japan but, after that, I don't really know. I hope he found himself a career and built a good life.


Bruce-7891 t1_jbgb9jd wrote

First of all Pigpen would make a cool biker name. Second, that kind of childhood usually only ends 1 of 2 ways.

  1. He is sketchy as hell, lives in the woods and does taxidermy for fun.

  2. He wanted to prove everyone wrong, makes tons of money, lives in a luxury condo, is a neat freak and donates to PETA


midnightspecial99 t1_jbhc33u wrote

He founded Mother McCree’s jug band with Jerry Garcia before they recruited others and changed their name to the Grateful Dead. He was the only one to not do drugs, but he died of liver failure from too much drinking at 27.


Ace-of-Spades88 t1_jbgtdhe wrote

>He got teased and called "Pigpen" which, in fairness, was remarkably clever for high schoolers in the 90's.

You know that Pigpen was the name of a Peanuts/Charlie Brown character since like the 50's...right?


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbgu20a wrote

I'm going to ignore the snide tone of your comment and simply assure you that, yes, I am familiar with the Peanuts character. I simply didn't expect high schoolers in the 90's to be that aware of a newspaper comic strip.


Jduppsssssss t1_jbh4vsi wrote

I was in high school in the 90s and the comics were the only part of the paper I read. It still had Peanuts at least through 94/95 ish.


vindictivejazz t1_jbi5b15 wrote

Maybe not the comic strip but the TV specials were already pushing 30 years old at that point, and I’d reckon 95-100% of your classmates had seen those


nato2271 t1_jbfxii2 wrote

That’s a massive Petri dish for the next pandemic…


dromni t1_jbg0xni wrote

Complete with a dispersal mechanism in the form of high-rise winds.


EternamD t1_jbhokld wrote

I'd rather not, I don't care for the rich to use it as an opportunity to steal trillions more from us


kmosiman t1_jbhqafe wrote

Incorrect. A farm like this will have major biosecurity procedures. Sick pigs don't grow fast.


nato2271 t1_jbi1pwu wrote

Yep sure mate, keep believing that in China they will give a shit about that…


kmosiman t1_jbi6g4e wrote

Same as anywhere else.

And yes the workers care.

Because if you fuck up and kill off the entire barn guess who has to clean out the entire barn?


nato2271 t1_jbi6sxj wrote



Fantastic_Erik t1_jbjkwxi wrote

Had nothing to do with a pig


nato2271 t1_jbkazyb wrote

Yeah but it had a lot to do with China’s inability to contain a problem, and be transparent about it…and if you believe the lab leak theory then it also speaks to their containment standards..and that was in a level 5 biohazard lab…this is a pig farm…


VanAgain t1_jbft7uw wrote

As if the lives of farm animals weren't dismal enough. Well, at least they have a view.


epilateral t1_jbg06dm wrote

Time for lab grown meat soon?


saliczar t1_jbg36ye wrote

When they get the taste and texture at the same price or less as real meat, I'll switch.


Smodphan t1_jbg96td wrote

Why aren't they making wagyu with it now to pay for research? No way that is more expensive from a lab.


faptainfalcon t1_jbh4sii wrote

Because that kind of marbling has a lot to do with how they are raised. And there's also a prestige to it. Having tried it a couple times myself I would much rather pay $200/lb as a rare treat than $50/lb for a lab grown approximation. At that price I'd rather go for tomahawk.

Idk maybe the gimmick might work. There's a place near me that sells "American wagyu" burgers for like $15 and they are doing pretty well.


E_Snap t1_jbjwvbf wrote

As I understand it, “Wagyu” specifically implies that it was not raised in Kobe nor via the Kobe style. Wagyu is just the base breed of cow, and they can be raised however the individual farm wishes.


faptainfalcon t1_jbkgnxp wrote

You're right I forgot, it's been a couple years. What I was describing was A5 Wagyu imported from Japan (hence $200/lb from a high end butcher shop). Fortunately I have a friend who's a great chef so I don't have to go to a restaurant to eat it because I'm too scared to cook it myself lol.


tempreffunnynumber t1_jbi1j8f wrote

Tried the impossible stuff, they forget to mention you wanna marinate the stuff.


saliczar t1_jbi25ug wrote

Then they should marinate it themselves.


OkThereBro t1_jbiuipg wrote

There are a lot of brands out there, the better ones do.


E_Snap t1_jbjx0wj wrote

That’s not lab grown meat, that’s effectively wheat bread masquerading as meat. We gotta be careful to not conflate the two if we want real lab grown meat to ever have a chance.


obscureferences t1_jbg87se wrote

I won't, but by that time I doubt they'll let me choose.


DryCoughski t1_jbh4btl wrote

Why not?


obscureferences t1_jbhjvci wrote

Because hypocrites love double standards. Vegans get options according to their preferences, but as soon as it's a question of my preference they won't tolerate it at all. Just look at the response already.


DryCoughski t1_jbhkfkm wrote

I meant why won't you switch?


obscureferences t1_jbi6jos wrote

Oh, because I prefer meat from a slain animal. That's it really.

Objectively speaking it's no less valid than wanting meat from a fake animal. It's a distant, intangible, subjectively moral, but I bet as soon as the vegans have the high ground they'll pull up the ladder and demand better reasons than the same ones they've been using the entire time.


DryCoughski t1_jbi7fe1 wrote

Does it matter to you how the animal lived or the manner in which it was killed?


OkThereBro t1_jbiuflm wrote

Seeing videos of pig farms was eye opening for me. I stopped eating pork at first out of pure disgust.


obscureferences t1_jbld1hj wrote

Yes, I prefer if it lives well fed and free ranging, while still protected from wild animals, disease, and the like. I also prefer it to be killed in the most humane way possible.


DryCoughski t1_jbldvdr wrote

Ok fair enough, same as me. I don't have a problem with eating meat as long as the animal has been treated well and killed humanely.

My only other question is; if lab-grown meat was indistinguishable from the meat of a slain animal, what reason would you have to pick the latter?


obscureferences t1_jbli3e6 wrote

If you could choose between drinking crystal clear glacial water, or water distilled from the piss of a public urinal, would you have a preference?

Even if the results are indistinguishable, the means still matter.


DryCoughski t1_jbljg8u wrote

Haha interesting comparison. Honestly, if I was unaware of the means and the results were indistinguishable, I wouldn't care. Even if I was aware, it feels like a pretty low psychological hurdle to get over. Even more so if extracting spring water was fucking the planet up.

Is there any benefit to distilling the public's piss though? In the same way that there's a benefit to removing the enormous amount greenhouse gas emission that livestock farming produces?


obscureferences t1_jblploy wrote

There doesn't have to be. This is what I mean, preference is what matters, since even the facts mattering is a matter of preference.

If vegans could be catered to simply because of their feelings, like they were for the longest time and will be until the great greenhouse benefit kicks in, I should be as well, no practical benefit required.


DryCoughski t1_jblqrjv wrote

This is where you and I part ways. I don't agree with everything vegans say/do, but I'm 100% behind making food consumption sustainable and as low-impact on the planet as possible.

If the end product of that method is indistinguishable from the method that is objectively bad for the planet, I can't understand or agree with choosing the worse one, simply because you feel your "preference" has been taken away.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but it sounds incredibly selfish and short-sighted when you're effectively losing nothing except the choice to choose the harmful method.


obscureferences t1_jbm12n1 wrote

I'm not choosing it because it's harmful, and if you keep objectivity you can see how it's unfair to judge so harshly on preference alone.

I could think up some selfless reasons but the fact remains I shouldn't have to. I shouldn't need to justify a freedom to have it. You should understand the ability to choose is worth defending in itself, even if you wouldn't make the same choice.

Selfish is dictating your preference is the only acceptable one.


DryCoughski t1_jbm2n7q wrote

If you choose to steal something rather than pay for it with your own money, even though you don't need to, is that choice something you'd be able to justify? Is that a freedom you should be allowed to exercise even though it harms greater society?


OkThereBro t1_jbiu3ik wrote

You talk about vegans like they're all the same. Every vegan I've met had been very rational and respectful. Forcing or judging others for their behavior is stupid and if people have don't that to you then I could understand why you feel the way you do. But those people where just assholes, not just "vegans".


obscureferences t1_jblbply wrote

I didn't have a better word for the group. What would you call people who have a problem with you eating produce specifically because it involves animal suffering?


OkThereBro t1_jbmnh0f wrote

Rational. People can have problems or see issue with whatever they want. It's when people force it on others that they become wrong.


obscureferences t1_jbn2fhl wrote

That's not specific, and they will enforce their preference, so make up your mind.


OkThereBro t1_jbzzj8k wrote

No one is enforcing anything on you. You sound like a victim. No ones hurting you, no one cares what you do.

Vegans are just a type of people who don't eat certain things. Seems judgemental to add additional things on top. Everyone has beliefs. No one is forcing them on you. If you think they will then that's paranoid. What are you afraid of? Vegans lol?


SuperManta3 t1_jbk247c wrote

Something tells me you have never interacted with a real vegan person in real life


obscureferences t1_jblb5fg wrote

Of course I have. Sorry if the comment was abrupt, I was in a hurry.


OkThereBro t1_jbity8a wrote

When your preference is hurting animals then obviously there will be those who disagree. I highly doubt vegans "not tolerating" (which doesn't even make sense as it's not like they're stopping you) has any impact on your life. A preference isn't some defence for any behavior. I guarantee you don't "tolerate" plenty of people's "preferences".

I will say it's easy to have your preferences and not impose them on others, people who do that are assholes but they're not just in the vegan community they're everywhere. I've never met a vegan like that, not that they don't exist.


obscureferences t1_jblc4ub wrote

They're not stopping me because they can't, there is no option to, which is why I'm referring to when there is that option.

Also what do I get when you break your guarantee?


OkThereBro t1_jbmn7ds wrote

Pretty impossible to break it. Some preferences are abhorrent.


obscureferences t1_jbn2uez wrote

I see the guaranteed claim now has quotation marks, as if it changes the definition at all significantly.

Why don't you tell us what abhorrent preference "plenty of people" have that you're certain I don't tolerate?


OkThereBro t1_jbnzxj8 wrote

Dude... Like... Choose one. Murdering, cheating, any illegal sex activity. Also I havent edited anything and you can see that on the comment (if you don't know it tells you).


rope_rope t1_jbhwfen wrote

Just eat plants lol? It's already here, already delicious, great for the environment, great for the animals, healthier for humans, almost definitely cheaper.


vindictivejazz t1_jbi6e5e wrote

Man, I’ve got lots of great vegetarian and vegan recipes but you lose out on a ton of culinary options when you remove meat from the equation. Seriously, I’ve never had a vegan taco that comes even close to replicating an authentic mexican taco.

The only ways you’re going to convince a majority of people to quit eating meat is if you can adequately provide alternatives. We’re slowly getting there, impossible burger does a pretty decent job at imitating ground beef, but it’s not cheaper, not yet. If we can nail lab-grown meat, it’ll be a perfect replacement, cleaner, cheaper, and better for the environment, and folks can enjoy all the various meat based dishes from the world over!


rope_rope t1_jbianb6 wrote

I mean I'm willing to give up a small piece of flavor pleasure to do the right thing. I wouldn't keep drinking orphan's tears just because I couldn't find the exact flavor elsewhere...

Lab grown meat is quite far away still, and while it may be cheaper to produce, those cost savings sure as shit won't go to consumers...


E_Snap t1_jbjx7vv wrote

If orphans’ tears were part of the food chain for literally all of eternity, you wouldn’t be able to make that argument with a straight face.


timo103 t1_jbgpgcc wrote

Wish we'd quit pushing for fucking bugs and put more into lab meat.


RedSonGamble t1_jbh7i6c wrote

Sorry but my children are vax free gmo free and lab grown meat free /s


E_Snap t1_jbjxc5x wrote

“Hey why all of the sudden is my kid all red and bumpy?”


meskigski t1_jbfwe99 wrote

They're called "investment bankers"


somekennyguy t1_jbfvdng wrote

I will never be a vegan, but holy bananas...


thegnome54 t1_jbg2ckn wrote

You don't need to go 'fully vegan' to eat a bit less meat. I've found that reducing my consumption makes having it feel a little more special.


GetsGold t1_jbg5tz0 wrote

It's not like their lives are better elsewhere just because there are smaller buildings. In Canada, for example, the majority of breeding sows spend most of their lives in crates too small to turn around in. This isn't unique to Canada either.


lawyermorty317 t1_jbgc0y9 wrote

Yeah, veganism is a moral baseline IMO. Nobody should be contributing to a system that causes this much suffering. It’s unfortunate, but animal agriculture is inherently animal abuse. If I wouldn’t want my dog to go through something, I don’t believe any animal should go through it.


Jakisokio t1_jbgtbyq wrote

The thing that pisses me off is that you CAN sustainably and morally farm meat, but these companies don't do it because its not as profitable


cogscidude t1_jbhzwwa wrote

Without industrial scale factory farming, meat would be an expensive luxury product. But maybe that's how it should be.


MyAccountWasBanned7 t1_jbgjjc0 wrote

Once they get lab grown meat to have the same flavor and texture of normal meat, and the price is about the same, I'll go vegan no problem.

But none of the current vegan options have the same flavor or texture currently, and a lot of them cost more than meat does so yeah, I'm not switching any time soon.

Downvotes? Seriously? You vegans can't even acknowledge that your meat substitutes don't taste and feel like meat? This is why people shit on veganism.


usernames-are-tricky t1_jbgmc1c wrote

Keep in mind that plant-based meats are not the same thing as vegan options, but even for those the prices are coming down. There's a lot of plant-based foods that are plenty cheaper such as beans, lentils, etc.

It's also worth mentioning that the reason meat is so cheap is because of large amounts of subsidies. Without those, plant-based meats would already be substantially cheaper


MyAccountWasBanned7 t1_jbgqhvs wrote

I can't disagree with any of that. However, like I said, there's other issues than price. I've tried a lot of the meat substitutes (because honestly, I'd love to see less animals killed) and none of them get the flavor AND texture down. Some come close to one or the other, but none hit the mark on both.


somekennyguy t1_jbgjy22 wrote

Same. The texture and taste of meat is just.. everything. I'm all for a balanced diet with fruits, veggies, carbs, but a steak or some good pork bbq.. life.


MyPupCooper t1_jbg8en6 wrote

I went to college in a town that had a slaughterhouse. The smell was overwhelming.


steamtrint t1_jbgj2gb wrote

What a place of absolute misery that must be.


onelittleworld t1_jbg7o4d wrote

Well... that's the sort of blinkered, philistine pig-ignorance I've come to expect from you non-creative garbage...

(Someone, please get this reference.)


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbg7wbn wrote

>If one of you could put in a word for me, I'd love to be a freemason.


syfysoldier t1_jbgkzr2 wrote

It’s a fraternity, you can just come in to lodge and talk with people about a petition.


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbgre1o wrote

It's a quote from the Monty Python sketch that the previous commenter was referencing.


Cheeeeeseburger t1_jbfwgyf wrote

Looks a LOT nicer than the concentration camps they've been putting Uyghur minorities in for "re-education" (aka torture). China gonna China.


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbfwynp wrote

Hell, it looks a lot nicer than the "coffin apartments" that a lot of people live in across China, just for lack of options.


dalenacio t1_jbg7l97 wrote

Lack of options, when they not so long ago demolished an entire ghost town of empty buildings.

Things are funky in the Middle Empire.


kataegor t1_jbj3phj wrote

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”


ozspook t1_jbj59kt wrote

Imagine if incredibly advanced aliens landed nearby to make first contact, and looked an awful lot like bipedal pigs.


Msbaubles t1_jbhs6md wrote

And people act like it isn’t a holocaust


Buford12 t1_jbfuz0r wrote

For the life of me I can not see How that facility is commercially viable. Pork is cheap, right now the price for fat hogs on the hoof, in the U.S. is 85 cents a pound, and that is up 40 cents from 18 months ago. Unless this facility gets some kind of market protection, I just don't see how the numbers work.


noxx1234567 t1_jbi5vlr wrote

China imports a lot of pork , this facility might be a test run for industrial scale farming to cut out all imports of food

It's not about profit , it's about Strategic food security


Buford12 t1_jbj7vjw wrote

I under stand that. But if you built a one story facility out of the city it's initialization cost would have to be less than half the cost. Plus 2 million hogs would require a large amount of energy for refrigeration and ventilation to maintain a viable environment.
Then also you have just added 2 million residents to the city's water and sewer systems.


noxx1234567 t1_jbjay2y wrote

Industrial scale farming has a lot of logistical and scaling advantages over traditional farms .Energy is cheap in china

They probably have their own effluent treatment and recycling plants

Then again this is probably a prototype facility to research and further improve any negatives. If it's successful they can replicate it all over the country and be independent of imported food


Buford12 t1_jbjmhk5 wrote

Well they would be importing grain rather than pork. Unless they currently export grain.


noxx1234567 t1_jbjts8x wrote

Grain can be important from multiple countries , it's not as important . Russia alone has a lot of unused farm land to produce enough grain for china


Typical-Eye-8632 t1_jbg2pru wrote

That building has some some serious capacity to slaughter. Is it capable though?


saliczar t1_jbg3wfu wrote

>Workers will be required to go through multiple rounds of disinfection and testing before being given clearance to enter, and won’t be able to leave the site until their next break – reportedly once a week.


BarracudaUnlikely459 t1_jbg7q5l wrote

Probably like the FoxConn factory, but with less people killing themselves.


Evnl2020 t1_jbgnkw2 wrote

"I love the smell of bacon in the morning!"

1.2 million seems to be a low number for a facility like this though, that's roughly 3200 a day,123 per floor.


ArthurDentsBlueTowel t1_jbgss4b wrote

Fucking dystopia. Who wants to eat the sad sad pork that leaves that place?


legoshi_loyalty t1_jbh032b wrote

I've never thought of slaughterhouses as being vertical operations. I didn't know that that was even possible, what is the purpose? Do they have a pulley system or something that they utilize all that upwards space for?


chris782 t1_jbt21f7 wrote

There are multiple floors for more pigs and it probably has several large freight elevators, not a pulley system.


brokenwound t1_jbh0yde wrote

1.2 million people disappear from our country evry year. Crime is almost non-existent and no one goes hungry in this heavily policed state. That was until their secret came out... this is the story of how the world came to know.


furiousfran t1_jbhb7r6 wrote

Nothing like pig shit raining down on you on a sunny day


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbi7pwe wrote

That’s literally the article in the OP.


BlixtheGoblin t1_jbi7u49 wrote

Oh right on. I saw a post a week or so ago on the same topic and had checked this out. It's late I'm stoned I'm out of here


KCgrowz t1_jbho8l4 wrote

That's no pig farm. It's a state sponsored brothel for the political elite.


tanthonyS t1_jbfvbdq wrote

Well, we gotta eat


HekuNami t1_jbfscux wrote

That’s cool


Hinter-Lander t1_jbfww7k wrote

That's gross, I'll bet anyone that you can smell that place from 5km away.


DaveOJ12 t1_jbfsnfo wrote

I wouldn't call it cool.


HekuNami t1_jbfsu4z wrote

If you have to feed 40 million people I think it’s an interesting way to farm pigs


treeplugrotor t1_jbfvfiz wrote

And why do we have to feast on pigs?


Creation98 t1_jbfzvld wrote

They taste good and are good source of protein?

Humans have been doing it since we started doing human shit. Why stop now?


solarmelange t1_jbg17bc wrote

26-stories is no "skyscraper"


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbg23i3 wrote

Sure it is. The generally accepted standard for a skyscraper is 492 feet tall.


solarmelange t1_jbg3983 wrote

Lol, exactly. Do the math.


DukeMaximum OP t1_jbg3lkk wrote

You know what? I'm sorry. This is an incredibly stupid argument even for reddit, and I realize that I'm not willing to wade into it. You're right, thanks for the correction, whatever you want to hear.