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jcd1974 t1_jckeyyn wrote

Afflicted with schizophrenia but the judge who sentenced him still found him responsible for the crime. Tragic all round.


RunDNA t1_jckh5mf wrote

He played on two songs on Pet Sounds too: he was the drummer on I'm Waiting for the Day and a percussionist on God Only Knows.

Not the first murderer with a Beach Boys connection.


bolanrox t1_jckilrs wrote

was he involved with Moby Grape as well?


illpilgrims t1_jcko6u2 wrote

I always thought that song swung a little odd


benefit_of_mrkite t1_jckofwv wrote

He played on some incredible albums - mad dogs and Englishmen, Layla and other assorted love songs, played with Zappa, the Byrds, Delaney and Bonnie (and friends), Donovan, Dr John, and so many more.

Incredible career


Monkeyboogaloo t1_jckua2m wrote

In the mid 90’s I was recruiting and I got a cv from a guy who had been in prison.

He’d been in since 1969. And his experience on his CV was that he’d been a road manager for bands.

I can only imagine he was in for murder because of the length of incarceration.

(I was vetoed from inviting him in for an interview.)

This story reminded me of that.


Penultimate-anon t1_jckwpyg wrote

I only know of him because MOD (Method Of Destruction) wrote a song about him on their first album U.S.A. for M.O.D.


Flemtality t1_jcl1kdi wrote

Never heard of him yet his discography is unreal. I guess that's the life of a studio/session musician.


bjjohnson74 t1_jcl9n8f wrote

Don’t lie to us, Jim Gordon is a police commissioner who helps Batman. Nice try troll /s


ExpoLima t1_jcna63j wrote

Stole the 'Layla" piano solo from his GF Rita Coolidge.