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Sindri556 t1_je4lojz wrote


Jampine t1_je566o4 wrote

Made me think of the incorrect summary of Project wingman: "When defending the boat, we make the discovery that in this universe, missles are pigeon guided, and exhibit traits of self perseverance".

Checked it again, and it literally has the same picture from the Wikipedia entry lol.


VoopityScoop t1_je8bvtu wrote

In the Pacific Theater of WWII there was a plan to capture a bunch of bats that were living in attics in Tokyo and attach incendiary devices to them, so when the bats returned to their attacks they would set them on fire and burn Tokyo to the ground. The only reason this plan didn't go through was because we decided to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki instead


Kelend t1_je7cvc5 wrote

The most crazy thing about this little part of history, is not that it happened... but that it worked.