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SuperGameTheory t1_je9yel8 wrote

I like the hubris that the ancients had in creating their myths. A baby is pulled away from a teat and innumerable gallons of milk drenches the entire night sky. Or Zeus got angry at Prometheus, so he chained him to a rock and had an eagle eat his liver for thirty years...until he was saved by Hercules.


BroForceOne t1_jea1kig wrote

I remember when I was taught about that American myth Paul Bunyan the giant lumberjack who created the grand canyon by dragging his axe or made the Minnesota lakes with his footsteps. Even 8 year old me was like uh why aren’t there more lakes or craters next to the grand canyon then if he was walking next to it.


LukeyLeukocyte t1_jecrvzb wrote

That's how 8yo me felt in church lol. "Something sounds fishy here."


chronoboy1985 t1_jee4grs wrote

That was me in Catholic catechism class: So if killing is the worst sin, than why are there so many bloody wars in the Bible among Christians?


FakeOrcaRape t1_jed0uyz wrote

Lol, learning so casually that "humans evolved from apes" in 4th grade and talking about it as if my mind was blown did not go over well w my parents. I mean they arnt like fundamentalists, but they are christians and definitely were not down to answer my questions.