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Ibalegend t1_jea4z9p wrote

theres a lot of versioms of the myth, there is no one "true" version. most people learn slightly different verions just by chance


Cant_think_of_shz t1_jea5jn6 wrote

I kind of enjoy that property of myths. They can share a similar plot, but small differences can change the story drastically.


Ibalegend t1_jebnjoz wrote

yeah my favorite detail that changes with the hades and persephone myth is the context for it, it can be drastically different between versions and its interesting to see


Dawnawaken92 t1_jeaf3ge wrote

Roman and Greek versions of the mythos perhaps


Ibalegend t1_jeaiyq3 wrote

no, as in there were multiple versions in Ancient Greece because it was a living religion that changed by region and time


Dawnawaken92 t1_jef1b49 wrote

I wasn't saying yes or no. And you basically just affirmed my statement. I was saying there are multiple versions across the entire hellenistic period. And not one version is the true or original that we can absolutely say for a fact is the first.