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TheCloudFestival t1_jeajl77 wrote

Interestingly, Hinduism also calls the Milky Way 'The Great Milky Ocean' but there creation myth states that instead of a breastfeeding mishap, the Universe/galaxy was formed and is sustained by the great serpent Nagini being captured and wrapped around an oar which was thrown into the Great Milky Ocean, whereupon the Denizens of Light and Darkness continuously pull at Nagini's head and tail to twist the oar and churn the milky cosmic ocean's waters, leading to creation and dynamism.


Entharo_entho t1_jecglpj wrote

You mixed Kshira Sagara and Akasha Ganga.

Also palazhi mathanam is just one event, not an ever going process.

It is Vasuki, who is a male king of serpents (Naga). Nagini is a female Naga.