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DaveOJ12 t1_jdk6iuf wrote

He actually was a radiological technician before he played one in the movie.


Byronic__heroine t1_jdkttsa wrote

Is he the one that put that shit in Regan's neck that made the blood spurt? If so, then I'm not surprised he's a killer. Of all the scenes in that movie, that's the only one that makes me uncomfortable.


epochpenors t1_jdl3t0f wrote

Damn, and the extra murders for which he was suspected were the real life basis for the movie Cruising


MercyReign t1_jdjyeup wrote



[deleted] t1_jdkend4 wrote



MrAnderson-expectyou OP t1_jdkepz2 wrote

He’s not an actor. He was playing a radiologist because he was a radiologist


BedDefiant4950 t1_jdkft4d wrote

friedkin liked to do that a lot. in french connection the police mechanic who tore the drop car apart was the actual guy who did that for the NYPD.


sik0fewl t1_jdkhids wrote

It's called method acting.


IO-NightOwl t1_jdl25zu wrote

Method acting is where an actor actually lives like the character he's portraying to research a role to make the performance more believable.

Hiring a real life professional to portray a character like their actual selves is just a casting choice.