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mrnoonan81 t1_jdv0qtv wrote

> on February 19, 1981, Gugasian shot responding police officer Sgt. Robert "Bo" McCallister, who passed away in 2019 from complications from the shooting injury.[4] Consequently, the death was ruled a homicide

TIL it can take up to 38 years to murder someone with a gun


Jacollinsver t1_jdvrj4t wrote

>Although the statute of limitations has expired for the shooting, investigators hope to draw a confession from Gugasian.

Investigators: "Hey the guy you shot died 38 years later, do you mind confessing to murder? It'd mean a lot to us boys down at the station."



SuperToxin t1_jdxbu1r wrote

That an insane thing for them to even fucking suggest.