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8i66ie5ma115 t1_jdtnkpi wrote


BRB, buying a dirt bike and doing a Bass Pro Shop shopping spree. For… reasons.


mrnoonan81 t1_jdv0qtv wrote

> on February 19, 1981, Gugasian shot responding police officer Sgt. Robert "Bo" McCallister, who passed away in 2019 from complications from the shooting injury.[4] Consequently, the death was ruled a homicide

TIL it can take up to 38 years to murder someone with a gun


Jacollinsver t1_jdvrj4t wrote

>Although the statute of limitations has expired for the shooting, investigators hope to draw a confession from Gugasian.

Investigators: "Hey the guy you shot died 38 years later, do you mind confessing to murder? It'd mean a lot to us boys down at the station."



SuperToxin t1_jdxbu1r wrote

That an insane thing for them to even fucking suggest.


Cosmic_Gumbo t1_jdtlugu wrote

Good film. Long film, maybe didn’t need the 4th act.


Mike81890 t1_jdttzqd wrote

Prob should have been a miniseries; like a masterpiece theater or some such


ChrisGeritol t1_jdtqatn wrote

Well damn, this was extremely close to how I had designed a bank robbery. Dirt bike through terrain a police vehicle couldn't follow and loading it into a panel truck


Explorer335 t1_jdu8ktt wrote

I saw a great video of a guy outrunning police on a snowmobile. Just ripping across grass and dirt until he gets to a lake. He guns it and hydroplanes the snowmobile across the entire lake with the cops stuck on the shore.


themagicbong t1_jdwt7bv wrote

Way better than what the local crackhead did where I live. Dove in the water in the fall (closing on winter), and they were waiting for him on the other side. I'm impressed that he actually made it all the way across the river, though.


bozitybozitybopzebop t1_jducah6 wrote

That was a great movie.

Serious, not Hollywoody, but great.

A good companion film is Winter's Bone.


Das_da_z t1_jduh4jh wrote

All time favorite movie.