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Jaksmack t1_jbk3213 wrote

I miss the shopping malls of the 70's & early 80's.. all the indoor plants and water features. Also, I love looking at pics of dead malls.


RockItGuyDC t1_jbkzhw5 wrote

Even into the 90s malls we're popping. Friday night was: go to the mall....and just wander.

Maybe get an Auntie Ann's pretzel, maybe get a new stupid shirt or poster at Spencer's, maybe play laser tag, and maybe see the latest movie. But mostly it was just chilling, running into people you know, and definitely hitting up the arcade.

I was 16 in '98, and the mall was still largely the center of teen socialization at that time.


mistyjeanw t1_jbl243l wrote

I would go to Sbarro's and get either the lasagna or the spaghetti with that huge meatball