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dmr11 t1_je4ot7q wrote

Could legislators get votes by promising to repeal such an outdated tax policy, or does the tax money outweigh even that incentive?


acebandaged t1_je4ydl2 wrote

Probably economic health of the state is more important, as it should be. People shouldn't go around getting rid of taxes, they're what allows the country to function.


srentiln t1_je563eh wrote

While I agree that we shouldn't just go on a tax cutting spree to avoid economic harm, I think taxes that had a pre-defined conditional expiration as part of the original wording when passed should honor that condition.


acebandaged t1_je6nd19 wrote

Why? They followed proper legislative processes, and voters haven't made it an issue.


srentiln t1_je6rbcv wrote

Because those were the terms agreed to when it was passed, and voters were not given an opportunity to comment on changes to those terms. If this was a business contract, such a violation would render it void.