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1clovett t1_je4t3cd wrote

Whatever. Lots of people took pay cuts during covid because sales were way off. I took a pay cut and then later lost that job. How many state workers lost their jobs?


mmnuc3 t1_je4x5qe wrote

Hey everybody. Look at this guy. He lost his job. Therefore everybody else should have to take pay cuts and or lose their jobs as well. And they definitely can't complain about the pay cuts. Because he has it worse off. Everybody knows this is a huge competition. If he doesn't get paid nobody can be paid.

We all have to fight each other to the death. Or something like that. Just don't look up at the robber barons. They don't want you to see what's going on at the table. Make sure the masses are fighting down on the floor.


srentiln t1_je56nph wrote

A higher level of suffering for one person does not invalidate the suffering of another person.