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nuanced_discussion t1_jeaz5hw wrote

The 1769 transit of venus is fascinating.

It's the first time the international community joined together to combine in a scientific experiment.

The idea was that if numerous explorers/scientists at many different areas of the earth record the time/trajectory of the transit of venus, they could calculate exactly how far away from the earth the sun was.

The experiment worked and they came to what we now know was very accurate results.

Captain Cook was one of the explorers recording it on the newly discovered Hawaiian islands.


disneyvacafacts t1_jeah26f wrote

What if I told you all films are just a series of photographs....


PresLyndonBJohnson36 OP t1_jebfcdm wrote

Yeah, that is true lol. I was more referring to the fact that making of this film involved taking individual pictures with a normal camera.


Everynon3 t1_jea30vk wrote

Looked at the pic before reading. Thought you messed up your knife.


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Card_Zero t1_jedmgkl wrote

That's a patent by John Barnes Linnett, it's not clear whether the idea was to animate photographs or just drawings. I did find Experimental photographic sequence viewers (1850s–1860s) mentioned on the Zoetrope page, though.


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Card_Zero t1_jeedybd wrote

Fair enough! If we can include animations in any format, IMDB should maybe include that vase with the jumping goats from (if I remember rightly) about 3000 BC. Or if not that somewhat dubious example, there are definitely Chinese magic lantern type devices (走馬燈) from around 1000 AD that did a bit of animation.