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greatgildersleeve t1_jbn1mpi wrote

It's Redd you big dummy.


AdSweaty8557 t1_jbnpqe5 wrote

He actually had a heart attack on set when he passed. People thought to was a comical bit, but it really was the big one Elizabeth. True story


TIGHazard t1_jbo81np wrote

Same with UK comedian Tommy Cooper. Except this was on live TV :(

> On 15 April 1984, Cooper collapsed from a heart attack in front of 12 million viewers, midway through his act on the London Weekend Television variety show Live from Her Majesty's, transmitted live from Her Majesty's Theatre in Westminster, London. An assistant had helped him put on a cloak for his sketch, while Jimmy Tarbuck, the host, was hiding behind the stage curtains waiting to pass him different props that he would then appear to pull from inside his gown. His last words seemed to be "Thank you, love," to the assistant seconds before collapsing. The assistant smiled at him as he slumped down, believing that it was part of the act. Likewise, the audience laughed as he fell backwards.

> As Cooper lay dying on the floor, the audience continued to laugh at him believing it was part of an act. Cooper then began snorting and snoring, and died after. Around this time, Jimmy Tarbuck, Alasdair MacMillan (the director of the television production), and the crew behind the curtain who witnessed the incident realised that what was happening to him was not part of the act.

> After realising what had happened, Alasdair MacMillan cued the orchestra to play music for an unscripted commercial break (noticeable because of several seconds of blank screen while LWT's master control contacted regional stations to start transmitting advertisements) and Tarbuck's manager tried to pull Cooper back through the curtains.

> It was decided to continue with the show. Dustin Gee and Les Dennis were the act that had to follow Cooper, and other stars proceeded to present their acts in the limited space in front of the curtains. While the show continued, efforts were being made backstage to revive Cooper. It was not until a second commercial break that paramedics moved his body to Westminster Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His death was not officially reported until the next morning, although the incident was the leading item on the news programme that followed the show.


starmartyr t1_jbp55p9 wrote

In 1971 on an episode of the Dick Cavett show, the guest was Jerome Rodale. Rodale was a health guru who claimed he was going to live to 100. During the interview, Rodale slumped back in his chair and made a snoring sound. Cavett allegedly quipped "are we boring you Mr. Rodale" only to find out shortly afterward that he was dead. The episode never aired and the tape has never been made public.


palordrolap t1_jbo8fzz wrote

Had to look that up. Awful way to go.

At least it wasn't live on TV like Britain's Tommy Cooper. People also thought that was an unscripted bit. Until they realised that it very much wasn't.

Faking heart attacks, at least not to that degree, wasn't even one of his bits, unlike Foxx.

Being messed around by the production crew to the point of annoyance definitely won't have helped in Foxx's case. It's probably what pushed him over the edge. It might not be live on TV but it's still no way to go.

Regarding Cooper: Don't go looking for the video of his collapse if you don't want to feel sad. Go looking for other videos. Very funny man.


TimmJimmGrimm t1_jbrbtij wrote

Let me be the asshole and say... is it such a bad way to go?

Rather than be one of those kids blown up in the sky in WW2, or someone slaughtered by advancing fanatics of whatever nationality, this guy got to go out with a laugh from adoring fans. Or slowly dying of some disease in your tweens, like meningitis before 1941.

Too soon? Yes. For sure. Most people like the idea of dying at 88 years of age or so. But a bad way to go? Please, let us agree to disagree.


AlabasterPelican t1_jbo3ojv wrote

Jesus, I can't imagine being on duty in the ER when Fred Sanford rolls in with a heart attack.


Frurry t1_jbo7d11 wrote

same with Tommy Cooper, live on tv, everyone thought it was just a gag


JJohnston015 t1_jbomyb6 wrote

Happened to Dick Shawn, too. His magnum opus was as Sylvester in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World".


benefit_of_mrkite t1_jbp44qf wrote

The tv show he was working on at the time was produced by Eddie Murphy. They ended up calling it “the royal family” but the working title was Chest Pains


jfq722 t1_jbnmzbu wrote

"Why don't you stick your face in dough and make some gorilla cookies?"


Nairbfs79 t1_jbnwfqx wrote

Julio walks in, "Buenas dias"! Fred replied, "Beans and disease to you too"!


SaltyDogBill OP t1_jbneooy wrote

Sorry… stupid auto-correct. It changed Foxx to Fox, but I missed Redd to Red. Sorry


RockonWeinerdog t1_jbngh9g wrote

"You big dummy" was also a standard Fred Sanford insult you big dummy.


Admetus t1_jbnx02x wrote

Ha! Red fox would have led to more than just 'you big dummy'.


JimC29 t1_jbneitl wrote

So glad this is the top comment.


the_hell_you_say t1_jbmzq7j wrote

Best intro theme song on a TV show


mookie825 t1_jbn4ti5 wrote

Composer...Quincy Jones


Bama_Peach t1_jbnnyuu wrote

I didn’t previously know this but as soon as I read your comment my first thought was, “Of course it was”! He produced so many iconic songs of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.


LipTrev t1_jbo01jl wrote

Quincy Jones, Nile Rodgers, and Trevor Horn made all the music in the 80's.


dethblud t1_jbn9a39 wrote

The Streetbeater has been my ringtone for an entire decade. The same MP3 just moves from phone to phone.


adsfew t1_jbn8uvn wrote

Turk and JD would agree with you


clutchutch t1_jbo26ka wrote



GoMiners22 t1_jbpkcdv wrote

Now you’re talking about my 2 favorite sitcoms, s and S and Scrubs!!! Made me smile!!!


the_hell_you_say t1_jbnbujc wrote

I was a toddler when this show was real time, and family legend has it that I would dance my ass off when they played this song


sledgehammer_77 t1_jbn005q wrote

X-MEN would like to have a word with you


ABurritoSnake t1_jbn57zm wrote


Aquagoat t1_jbo3hfw wrote





labretirementhome t1_jbnwjge wrote

I hired a man to come haul away some junk at my house. This was his ringtone. He kept getting calls while he was disassembling a couch. Hysterical.


flibbidygibbit t1_jbo9yky wrote

Originally titled "Street Beater"

I have to put Rockford Files up there.

What a great era for TV.


revtim t1_jbphllc wrote

Best use of bass harmonica I've ever heard.

OK, possibly the only use of bass harmonica I've ever heard, but it's still terrific. Composed by Quincy Jones IIRC.


Leg_Named_Smith t1_jbqq6ft wrote

Only bass harmonica I’ve heard outside the Harmonicats. Anyhow, The instrumentation on S&S theme song is so incredible, it’s amazing it’s not a common set of instruments


DBDude t1_jbpkt4n wrote

Very close, but I've always liked the funky Night Court one better.


tanfj t1_jbpqgis wrote

>Best intro theme song on a TV show

If you are looking for mp3s of a intro song:

Hundreds in alphabetical order, and free downloads.


the_hell_you_say t1_jbpqquw wrote

I remember 15-20 years ago, there were CDs you could buy that had all the TV theme music of a particular era. Fun to listen to!


ironroad18 t1_jbn2rdh wrote

Red Foxx use to roast the shit out of Aunt Ester. When I grew up I learned that he and Aunt Ester (Lawanda Paige) were best friends in real life.


TheLizardQueen3000 t1_jbn81j4 wrote

I was teasing a friend once about his cute new girlfriend, and I told him she was so ugly I was going to stick her face in dough and make gorilla cookies, which is my favorite Aunt Esther insult. He thought it was so funny to this day her nick-name is Gorilla Cookies!


ebookit t1_jbnrnzc wrote

Lawanda Paige was beautiful as well when she was young.

You can't get away with the insults between Fred and Ester on modern day TV.


Timmy26k t1_jbo1arn wrote

You absolutely could? It's always sunny in Philadelphia has said and insinuated worse


ironroad18 t1_jbpt6h3 wrote

You haven't seen the episode where Fred argues with a cop in traffic court.


Timmy26k t1_jbrro6i wrote

My grandfather has every season on DVD and has memorized every word of every single show and it was the only show he watched when I grew up in his house

Edit: he is also a hoarder


BabyDeezus t1_jbqdg9h wrote

Yes you for sure could lol. There are just such a wide variety of programs now that it’s easy to point to some super PC ones and go “oh these days…”

Meanwhile the party that usually complains about sensitive snowflakes gets offended by the lyrics in rap music.


DBDude t1_jbpjnid wrote

If you watch the more current series Mrs. Brown's Boys (Brendan O'Carroll in old woman drag), he is constantly roasting the shit out of his neighbor, who in real life is his sister. His wife also plays one of his kids, and his son and daughter also have roles.


[deleted] t1_jbn08ox wrote



youcallthesefritters t1_jbn99f9 wrote

He actually died from a heart attack reacting that famous line in front of people. They didn’t realize he was having a real heart attack.


Scartanion t1_jbn0wk9 wrote

Would work great in the Porn Parody aswell


AdobayAkeechayWah t1_jbn9tmr wrote

His real name was John Sanford, and his character was named in honor of his late brother Fred.


smilbandit t1_jboy8hw wrote

another name fact the character Grady Wilson is also the actor playing Lamont's real name. Never heard a story about that but it is what it is.


Barbarossa7070 t1_jbr047v wrote

My dad had a friend at work named Grady and they all called him Shady Grady for some reason I never learned. Never met the guy but I pictured him in my mind as looking exactly like Grady Wilson.


truth123ok t1_jbneu3z wrote

This means Pedro Pascal now is the same age as Redd Foxx then ....i feel so confused


AllBadAnswers t1_jbpfr5x wrote

I mean, Pedro is 47 but playing a man in his late 50s in TLoU. They had to gray him up a little bit for the 20 year gap between the first episode and the rest of the series.


truth123ok t1_jbpm46f wrote

Yes but even grayed up like redd foxx he looks a lot younger


ColossalKnight t1_jbvjxzf wrote

Akin to /u/bolanrox's comment, Ralph Macchio is now older than Pat Morita was in the first Karate Kid like a decade at this point.


Leg_Named_Smith t1_jbqqhig wrote

Who looks exactly like Burt Reynolds of that era. Time is a circle


GrandmaPoses t1_jbn2bxe wrote

Like Bob Saget his stand-up was dirty as fuck yet here he was on a sitcom.


Complicated-HorseAss t1_jbo5iga wrote

"You're pretty, if you were just darker, I don't want no white women, you see me with a white woman it's because I'm holding her for the police"

"She was so ugly she looked like crime in her face"

"My great great great grandfather was the first black politician in Mississippi, he ran for the boarder"

Dude was the inspiration for comedians like Eddie Murphy.


DBDude t1_jbpk8fg wrote

AFV was okay, Full House, eh, but Saget doing comedy otherwise was frickin' hilarious.

Also, watch Brad Williams to see a practical joke Saget played on John Stamos using Brad.


nohurrie32 t1_jbn0k0f wrote

One of the best tv dads of all time…ya great big dummy….


BenovanStanchiano t1_jbn76bu wrote

There’s something so morbidly funny to me that he died of a heart attack and people thought he was doing shtick when it happened.


DBDude t1_jbpj2j7 wrote

If there's anything Redd would have wanted, it would be to get in one last joke as he died.


goliathfasa t1_jbn86ph wrote

I always thought Richard Dreyfus, who was in his mid 40s when he filmed Mr. Holland’s Opus, where he played a character from 30 to 60, looked 30 in real life and had to put on old makeup for the later parts of the film.

Turned out he put on a wig and younger makeup for the earlier parts of the film and had relatively minimal makeup playing a 60 year old.


Aquagoat t1_jbo3qmz wrote

Dreyfus looks 45 in Jaws and he wasn’t even 30 yet.


durrtyurr t1_jbnjoa2 wrote

It's the opposite of back to the future in that regard.


ebookit t1_jbnrwsw wrote

I watched Sanford and Son when I was little. All in the Family and The Jeffersons too. Archie Bunker and George Jefferson would get into arguments you can't air on TV these days.


bolanrox t1_jbp3hcg wrote

Yeah no way in hell any of those those could get remade. Maybe the Jeffersons.. maybe..


PurpleRavenX11 t1_jbn54b5 wrote

I just watched this show through for the first time and its reputation as one of the best sitcoms ever made is well deserved. If only I could find the spinoffs streaming somewhere…


AtebYngNghymraeg t1_jbnc9iu wrote

You could watch Steptoe and Son. It's the British original that Sandford and Son was a rewrite of.


rejectallgoats t1_jbnzuwy wrote

It is funny because what you said sounds so made up, yet is true.


listyraesder t1_jbn7kgx wrote

Or the original British version.


Dragonfly452 t1_jbnhye1 wrote

Step Toe and Son? It’s on BritBox


Individual-Work6658 t1_jbo600r wrote

Steptoe is much darker than Sanford. It also has an unforgettable theme song that gets in your head like an earworm. Some of the Sanford and Son shows were redone Steptoe stories Americanized.


godotnyc t1_jbpkn7c wrote

While I've never seen the "Sanford Arms" anywhere, both "Sanford" and "Grady" frequently pop up on Tubi.

That said, they're all terrible shows.


[deleted] t1_jbnd3dq wrote



Happydivanerd t1_jbneh8d wrote

I'm with you on this. Maybe it's the combination of frizzy gray hair and dentures that made him look older than 47 in this photo. Just guessing.


EternamD t1_jbne0cj wrote

Is that the USA version of Steptoe and Son?


JauntyYin t1_jbo96gk wrote

Wilfred Brambell was also 49 when he accepted the role. Corbett was only 13 years younger. [From Wikipedia]


copperpurple t1_jbog41b wrote

Wikipedia says Sanford and Son is based on Steptoe and Son.


Edge_of_the_Wall t1_jbn00ct wrote

So 6 years younger than Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.


ElJamoquio t1_jbn9occ wrote

The day Morgan Freeman was born, he was a 60 year old man.


MechaNickzilla t1_jbnmwmf wrote

The real question is who’s been 60 longer? Him or Patrick Stewart?


Aquagoat t1_jbo3u6d wrote

Steve Martin has been over 65 for at least 65 years now.


archangel7164 t1_jbo2ueu wrote

The worst thing is Caroll O'Connor was only about 46 years old when All In The Family was first recorded.

I thought he was around 65 or 70.


xtossitallawayx t1_jbprgl5 wrote

Homer Simpson is supposed to be 39 and in an early episode says he is 239 pounds.

They treat him like he's 55 and 400 pounds.


SilentResident1037 t1_jbobl3l wrote

Maybe tomorrow you'll learn Estelle Getty was actually younger than Bea Arthur and Betty White even though she played the mom...


PizzAveMaria t1_jbn2v27 wrote

I just thought I'd Red Foxx the other day! I was outside Baltimore at Vital Records filling out paperwork, and this man sounded exactly like him. Even his mannerisms were similar "Oh darn! I wrote my name where it says signature, what am I gonna do now?" (I tried to surreptitiously look to see if he was a doppelganger: he wasn't)


brianinohio t1_jbn6lgs wrote

Loved dude in that show. Laughed all the time at his crazy shit...son lemond was perfect straight dude for him.


kloudrunner t1_jbo0vxq wrote

Prefer Steptoe and Son


bolanrox t1_jbp3dub wrote

yeah but did that have the bitching Quincy Jones theme song?


jreed66 t1_jbo58sx wrote

Next week on TIL

Estelle, known for playing the old lady on Golden Girls, was a year younger than Betty and Bea. She wore makeup to look older.

Like no shit


WhateverJoel t1_jbq5x6n wrote

Vicki Lawrence was only 32 when Momma’s Family started!


hogua t1_jbqb5nc wrote

She was even younger when she started playing the character on The Carol Burnett Show.


AssCakesMcGee t1_jboow6k wrote

Christopher Lloyd was only 47 when he played Dr. Emmet Brown at the age of 35 and 65. He wore no makeup.


pembroke529 t1_jbo6ahj wrote

If you're Las Vegas and have some free time, visit Redd's grave site. It's basically a grave marker in the ground (not an upright tombstone) with a graphic of an animal fox.

Also, nearby is my favorite simple grave marker for Sonny Liston. It's simply his name, birth year, death year and "A Man" epitaph.


Bebilith t1_jboa16d wrote

TIL the Americans copied Steptoe and Son.


bolanrox t1_jbp38c3 wrote

not the first time and not the last that a series crossed the pond


Balanced_burst t1_jbqg8qa wrote

In the credits for the show, they give credit to Steptoe and Son.


Bebilith t1_jbqlr0k wrote

Nice to hear. I should look out for this in other appropriated shows.


bolanrox t1_jbp3r7k wrote

Wilfred Brimley was not that old either when he did Cacoon.

And Harrison Ford and Sean Connery were only 10 years or so apart in age.


Cycleofmadness t1_jbqmaxn wrote

He may of been 49 on the outside but all the drinking & smoking aged his insides to Sanford's age.


klsi832 t1_jbn0e5f wrote

Well that makes me feel old since that's only five years older than me haha


LipTrev t1_jbnziu0 wrote

Wilford Brimley was only 50 when Cocoon was filmed/


MillionEgg t1_jbnzzzu wrote

I think Whitman Mayo (white bearded friend Grady) was even younger, maybe 40 when the pilot aired. I’ll be damned if I’m checking tho.


Crarzar t1_jbo7hoe wrote

Hollywood magic.


papagarry t1_jbovq0q wrote

I don't think there are enough Redds today. We had Foxx, Skeleton,Green, Clifford. So many Redds.


bolanrox t1_jbp35o7 wrote

how old was the guy who played Palaptine in the OG starwars?


Bpump1337 t1_jbp36oq wrote

Da da NA na. Da da NA na na na nahhh


sport63 t1_jbquby5 wrote

We all knew that you fish-eyed fool


LOCKN355 t1_jbqvjq1 wrote

Sherman Hemsley was only 37 years old when The Jeffersons first aired.


Wyrmslayer t1_jbr200s wrote

There’s an actual Sanford and son junkyard that predates the show in Tiverton RI. They have a newspaper article in their waiting room about it.


CassandraVindicated t1_jbr8nw7 wrote

I used to love this show. Very funny. I haven't seen it around in decades though.


Aiku t1_jbrnoas wrote

I was playing at a Blackjack table in Caesar's at 3am, when Red Foxx showed up completely shitfaced. He blew about 3 grand on two hands, then went to the refreshments table and literally folded up the tablecloth and went off to his room with about two dozen donuts and a couple of serving plates.


notsurewhy2021 t1_jbvqvhe wrote

Grady’s name came from Lamont’s real first name. Demond Wilson was born Grady Demond Wilson


Draano t1_jc2f6xj wrote

It's like Cedric the Entertainer took a page out of old Redd's book when, at 38 years old, he played Eddie, the old-timer barber in Barber Shop.


Full-Association-175 t1_jbno9p5 wrote

So he wasn't actually red?


RangeWilson t1_jbnynl8 wrote

They didn't have meth back then, unfortunately.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_jbqbohx wrote

Actor acts.

Who would have thought.


Arbor- t1_jbno5uw wrote

Only 49?