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J_B_Frawg t1_jd1jlza wrote

They didn't genetically modify shit. I can't stand that. They bred shit. They didn't take dna from a fish and put it into a potato so that it would produce pesticide.


A_Generic_White_Guy OP t1_jd1jsr1 wrote

By definition selective breeding is a form of genetic modification.

You're thinking of genetic engineering.


GoGaslightYerself t1_jd2vndo wrote

> By definition selective breeding is a form of genetic modification.

Since animals "select" their mates, in many cases based on the mother or father's (heritable) fitness to birth and rear offspring, I guess that means "genetic modification" is as old as sexual reproduction.


stu54 t1_jd26qvh wrote

TIL insects and plants "genetically modified" eachother.


Level3Kobold t1_jd1xvjx wrote

"Genetic engineering, also called genetic modification or genetic manipulation, is the modification and manipulation of an organism's genes using technology"

Courtesy of wikipedia

What definition are you pulling from?


A_Generic_White_Guy OP t1_jd1y93k wrote

Genetic modification: The production of heritable improvements in plants or animals for specific uses, via either genetic engineering or other more traditional methods. Some countries other than the United States use this term to refer specifically to genetic engineering.

Seems like that's where the difference comes from.

These all are considered genetic modification in the US.


stu54 t1_jd2620r wrote

Sounds like some BS from the food industry to make non-GMO labels legally meaningless.


J_B_Frawg t1_jd7liuf wrote

Exactly what I was thinking. We're getting downvoted by Monsanto 👢 👅


AgentElman t1_jd1soe4 wrote

And by definition anything that can move itself is an automobile.

Except we don't use the literal meaning of words, except when we want to deliberately be obtuse for propaganda purposes.