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Ugo777777 t1_jd83yl2 wrote

Maybe he also learned today that mosquitoes can be a nuisance.


OorPancake t1_jd97jst wrote

To be fair, he linked an article from 2017 and they probably didn't know what they'd contracted could be almost as bad as mosquitoes at the time.


OorPancake t1_jd6umy0 wrote

Midges invaded Iceland in 2015 and are already proving as much of a nuisance as they are in Scotland.


HomeAl0ne t1_jd6ww3g wrote

Must be before 2015. There’s a whole region of Iceland called Mývatn that translates as ‘midge’.


OorPancake t1_jd6xku8 wrote

That's true, but according to the Iceland Monitor they've had a problem since 2015.

I was surprised myself that they weren't seen as a problem before. (Maybe a different not so bitey species?)

-edit- That's what it is, the native species are non biting midges.


TheStoneMask t1_jdetqv2 wrote

Biting midges have been in Iceland for a long time. This article from 2000 (in Icelandic) mentions 4 species of biting midges, 1 of which preys on mammals, including humans.

In 2015, a new species of biting midges appeared and started spreading through South and West, and that species turned out to be much more aggressive, and also much smaller than the native species, meaning it can get through the bug nets over the windows and bite people in their sleep.

Reports of excessive midge bites became much more prevalent following this new species, which is why that "problem" dates to that year, although biting midges are not new.


OorPancake t1_jdeua0h wrote

That's what happens when you start direct flights from Glasgow to Reykjavik. :)


kudichangedlives t1_jd6zbwx wrote

Are you saying that you could probably extort the entire country of Iceland with a U-Haul and some mosquitos?


sandyknuckles t1_jd71t3z wrote

Your plan is to extort a country full of gentleman who look like The Mountain from Game of Thrones?


kudichangedlives t1_jd71u7w wrote

Dead man's switch


sandyknuckles t1_jd721rc wrote

But then you don’t get to enjoy the fruits of your extortion


kudichangedlives t1_jd72c2z wrote

Well I do if the people in Iceland aren't idiotic. If they kill me then the mosquitoes get released, if they arrest me the mosquitos get released.

The tricky part is getting 3 U-Haul's full of mosquitoes into Iceland


sandyknuckles t1_jd72prg wrote

Mosquitos breed like a mf bro in all honesty you probably only need a shoebox full and it’s game over for the gentle giants of Iceland. Best of luck with it tho, I wish you all the best at causing an epidemic.


kudichangedlives t1_jd73a1g wrote

Ya but 4 U-Haul trucks are more ominous

You mean you wish me the best of luck in moving everything in the national museum of Iceland to an undisclosed location. Thank you!


p-d-ball t1_jd72ye7 wrote

You've convinced me and the VC I work for. Where do we invest???


kudichangedlives t1_jd73jb4 wrote

It's a very cheap plan and we are welcome to investors, the only entry requirement is that you provide information on your base of operations and a list of invasive species that would be detrimental to the local ecosystem and population, so we can help protect our partners from invasive species that is.


p-d-ball t1_jd73mpb wrote

And that's it. That's how we started Invaso-terrorists, uh, I mean InvasoInvestment Group.


kudichangedlives t1_jd747gk wrote

Hey, I just want to steal everything in Iceland's history museum and put it all on South Georgia island with some sort of nuclear deterrent to moving it off of South Georgia island.

If I have to release a hoard of rabid Spidermen to do it, then by god we're getting radioactive spiders


_Dnikeb t1_jd72px1 wrote

The most common explanation for why there are no mosquitoes in Iceland is that the frequent freezing-thawing cycles kill off mosquito brood by not giving it enough time to develop between frosts. But that doesn't explain why other insects with much longer life cycles, such as wasps, manage to thrive.


ElDoo74 t1_jd7bdam wrote

TIL that people don't exist in Iceland.



LipTrev t1_jd78u3w wrote

Nuisance is kind of lightweight word for what mosquitoes have done to them human race.

It is claimed that malaria has killed half of all humans who ever lived.


gasman245 t1_jd8le5x wrote

Yep, mosquitos are the deadliest animal on the planet for humans.


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Those black flies they have are pretty relentless and awful, though.


SyndrFox t1_jd7p4vm wrote

they’re the WORST

they get in your eyes, nose, ears

they don’t give a fuck haha


Nathe-01 t1_jd7vg0d wrote

There are no mosquitoes in Ba Sing Se


seething_with_class t1_jd89d0u wrote

Headcanon: the Icelandic elves and Yule Lads fill that ecological niche


FatherOften t1_jd7sa7c wrote

Good on you Iceland! Here in Texas the mosquitoes have already come out.


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SEA2COLA t1_jdb944d wrote

Try Seattle. We don't have mosquitos either. I forgot why, has something to do with our soil, but I've been here 32 years and only remember being bitten once.


Nutsnboldt t1_jd89i0y wrote

TIL: Mosquitoes don’t exist in Iceland.

Things I didn’t learn to day: Mosquitoes can be a nuisance.


Serg_is_Legend t1_jd9f7n2 wrote

Oh man I’d totally move there if my girl didn’t have the most aggressive case of Raynaud’s syndrome I’ve ever seen


lurker12346 t1_jda50t2 wrote

Well they can be a nuisance for them if they go to a place with mosquitos


Artiquecircle t1_jd7edga wrote

Boy were they in for a shock when emigrating to ‘New Iceland’ in the 1800’s. Mosquito population: infinate.


erlend65 t1_jd7v2t1 wrote

No mosquitoes but no McDonald's.

The pros and cons of Iceland...


AnthillOmbudsman t1_jda1p1x wrote

Well, wait until they get a damaged shipping container from Miami that's caved in and shit has been breeding inside.

Texas got tiger mosquitos (a larger and more annoying variety) in 1985 from tires brought into Houston from Hong Kong. They're all over the state now.


AndiLivia t1_jd91jo8 wrote

They've had it too good for too long. Let's bring mosquitos to iceland.


DarthLysergis t1_jd8vp5j wrote

I'm sure they exist in AZ, but I lived in Phoenix for 4 years and never saw a mosquito.