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prophet001 t1_jcr16fb wrote

Naval Aviators are a very special breed of crazy.


annaoliveiraaaaazs t1_jcr1cl9 wrote

Being a Naval Aviator is like being a superhero, except instead of a cape, they have a flight suit and instead of an arch-nemesis, they have the laws of physics.


[deleted] t1_jcrbpt8 wrote



YallMindIfIJoin t1_jcry8b0 wrote

We need warp speed in two minutes or we are all dead


AdminsAreLazyID10TS t1_jcsard6 wrote

It is physically impossible to repair the drive in less than four weeks.

Does it in ninety seconds


thor561 t1_jcsftwb wrote

A good engineer always pads his estimates.


Kiyan1159 t1_jcsoth1 wrote

A good procrastinator always adds 20% to his time estimates.


Smartnership t1_jcto1yw wrote

> A good procrastinator always eventually gets around to adding 20% to his time estimates.


DigitalTraveler42 t1_jcr63ev wrote

It's more the laws of physics are their "kryptonite", because they definitely have arch-nemesis' in whoever the opposing pilots are, usually Ruzzian and Chinese these days.


phunktheworld t1_jcr9p3e wrote

Lol where is the US engaging in aerial combat with either of those countries? I don’t think there’s much dogfighting going on these days.


DigitalTraveler42 t1_jcrhzrc wrote

There's a lot of documented provocation on both China and Ruzzia's parts, there may not be anybody getting shot down currently, but there are absolutely tense moments, and that's what qualifies them as an arch-nemesis. Additionally, other air forces we're up against get their asses stomped, as they're usually flying outdated craft, China and Ruzzia are the only two non-NATO nations that have current generation craft, at least on paper.


KoedKevin t1_jcra575 wrote

They were trained to do this to protect navy ships from air attack. There’s a story about a navy chaplain that was a Catholic priest complaining that it was a form of suicide and therefor a mortal sin. An aviator told the chaplain that they would do their best to get out of the plane as it went down so it wasn’t suicidal.


TheNotSoGreatPumpkin t1_jcuewyt wrote

Imagine clergy splitting hairs over what is and is not likely to be judged suicidal by God while you’re trying to win the world’s deadliest war.

I mean, just STFU, respectfully.


obscureferences t1_jcvaada wrote

Morale is critical in war. He needs to ask these kinda questions to do his job.


TheNotSoGreatPumpkin t1_jcvgbyc wrote

It’s understood, though I’m not sure morale is helped by being told you might be damned for eternity if your actions are too valorous.


obscureferences t1_jcvhr87 wrote

It's knowing that someone in the strategic process is sanctioning the morality of your actions specifically so you don't fear damnation.


Nukemind t1_jcs4pbp wrote

Look up the Sonderkommando Elbe. Nazi Germany, in the waning days of the war, had an entire special unit made to do just this. They would climb yo and use steel propellers to “prop chop” big bombers then bail out, often flying into the formation so the B-17s and 24s couldn’t shoot at them without risking hitting their Allie’s.

There was a great episode on it on the History channel in the early 2000’s. Luftwaffe’s Deadliest Missions from the show Dogfights.


manowtf t1_jcrojs0 wrote

Not only that. But the chances of survival if you went down at sea made them alnost as suicidial as kamikaze pilots, just not as deluded.

Bravest of the brave.


mindspork t1_jcsv3qc wrote

I'm surprised the Corsair could get off the ground what with his massive depleted uranium balls.