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YallMindIfIJoin t1_jcry8b0 wrote

We need warp speed in two minutes or we are all dead


AdminsAreLazyID10TS t1_jcsard6 wrote

It is physically impossible to repair the drive in less than four weeks.

Does it in ninety seconds


thor561 t1_jcsftwb wrote

A good engineer always pads his estimates.


Kiyan1159 t1_jcsoth1 wrote

A good procrastinator always adds 20% to his time estimates.


Smartnership t1_jcto1yw wrote

> A good procrastinator always eventually gets around to adding 20% to his time estimates.


DigitalTraveler42 t1_jcr63ev wrote

It's more the laws of physics are their "kryptonite", because they definitely have arch-nemesis' in whoever the opposing pilots are, usually Ruzzian and Chinese these days.


phunktheworld t1_jcr9p3e wrote

Lol where is the US engaging in aerial combat with either of those countries? I don’t think there’s much dogfighting going on these days.


DigitalTraveler42 t1_jcrhzrc wrote

There's a lot of documented provocation on both China and Ruzzia's parts, there may not be anybody getting shot down currently, but there are absolutely tense moments, and that's what qualifies them as an arch-nemesis. Additionally, other air forces we're up against get their asses stomped, as they're usually flying outdated craft, China and Ruzzia are the only two non-NATO nations that have current generation craft, at least on paper.