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[deleted] t1_jcs3szg wrote

“He treated himself for shock and dressed his own wounds, rather than having another medic emerge from safety to help. Five hours later, someone finally arrived with a stretcher. But when Doss saw a soldier in need, he rolled off, surrendered his stretcher, and started patching up his comrade. While Doss was waiting for more help to arrive, a sniper suddenly shot and shattered all of the bones in his left arm. (Hacksaw Ridge director Mel Gibson left this part out of the film because he felt that it was so heroic that audiences wouldn’t even believe that it had really happened.)”


Xendrus t1_jcsby9n wrote

Well fuck him for thinking so little of his audience's intelligence. The people that cared enough to check would have found the truth, the people too lazy to, screw em.


OldKingCanary t1_jcse6ef wrote

This happens all. the. time. It's been a very common thing with movies based on real live events. Real life doesn't have to follow storytelling rules and the stories are often seen as bullshit by viewers because no one bothers to check.


american-titan t1_jcsfqza wrote

"Of course truth is stranger than fiction, fiction actually has to make sense." - Mark Twain


oomio10 t1_jctjz4j wrote

nothing stopping people from doing that anyways


Xendrus t1_jctke8w wrote

Yes but it detracts from the genuineness of the film.