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Ameren t1_iqrloxs wrote

>Wonder if they had PhD candidates back then.

They did! Since the early days of the European university system (since the 1100s or so), graduate students have worked under the tutelage/mentorship of one or more advisors as part of their education. As a STEM PhD myself, academic genealogy is fun to look into. For example, Sir Isaac Newton had a student, who had a student, and so on, who eventually had me.

Santorio became the chair of Theoretical Medicine at the University of Padua, which was a very well-known and respected institution (Galileo also taught there, for instance). I'd have to do some digging, but I'm sure he had plenty of PhD students whose lineage continues to the present day.


m945050 t1_iqturpz wrote

An educational example of KJV's begets.