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MaleficentPi t1_iuaztic wrote

Source is a website called Today I learned.

Circular references are not verifiable.


[deleted] t1_iub69xa wrote



threedeeman t1_iubzm8c wrote

Really, where was that reported? I never used the site, but saw your comment and checked it through a couple reputable services and there were zero flags. I am just curious where it is flagged.

Although I did see where a site with a similar name ending in DOT com was flagged.

I also visited the site and did not get any warnings from Norton. What am I missing?


Pseudonymisation t1_iucjsad wrote

The IP is blacklisted but a sweep with virustotal shows it to be clean at the moment.


AustEastTX t1_iudm1z5 wrote

Crap I clicked on it from my phone. What can I do to protect my device after clicking?


CaptainJin t1_iuds0mt wrote

Let it sit it in a concoction of 1/6 bleach, 1/4 rubbing alcohol, and 2/3 lemon scented dish soap for up to one hour. Afterwards, put it in a bowl of rice and bake for 20 mins at 250*.


Fearless_Armadillo89 t1_iucwnqr wrote

They're houses cut into a cave. I watched a documentary on it once, they're most definitely real.


tplgigo t1_iubb4qk wrote

Housing purposely cut INTO a hill or mountain are not considered caves which are naturally occurring. The writer here is quite mistaken.


Meteor_VII t1_iubm19h wrote

Fuck yeah, I'd live in one of those.

Does anyone know the WiFi password?


WesternOne9990 t1_iug8x55 wrote

It’s not common but here in America there’s houses build underground or under an artificial hill for geothermal regulation. They say at a nice 50ish degrees if I remember.


LOLBaltSS t1_iubvvmr wrote

It's actually pretty crazy what you can do underground. I used to work in an Iron Mountain facility that was an old Pennsylvania limestone mine converted into office spaces, data centers and storage.


Technical-Ad-2246 t1_iue7qhv wrote

There are towns in the Australian outback where people live underground became it gets so hot.


QuentinUK t1_iub6v26 wrote

There are more people living in caves now than during the Caveman Era.


WesternFrontGamer t1_iuaziup wrote

they're essentially advanced hobbit homes, not caves.


pickles55 t1_iub5zrm wrote

They seem pretty nice actually


kelldricked t1_iudslk1 wrote

They probaly are. When the front door (entrance of the cave) is properly isolated you have great isolation overal.


captain_cutlass t1_iuazzct wrote

Do Chinese people also have furry feet? I've never checked.


Outrageous_Ear_6091 t1_iub6ast wrote

when it's 113 F in the summer, i wish i lived in a cave !


DraslinHDF t1_iubdzs1 wrote

Also on Reddit: China has the highest number of skyscrapers of all nations.


nzdennis t1_iubkufq wrote

My cousins live in caves in Huin-dia provence


Mddcat04 t1_iublgho wrote


No they don't.


NinDiGu t1_iuc6scu wrote

In China, if you are one in a million, there are 1500 people just like you.


ooouroboros t1_iucd9ck wrote

Wow - I knew that was a thing in the past but didn't realize it still went on.

If memory serves, the largest loss of life in a natural disaster in human history happened in China I think in the 1400's (?) when a huge chain of cave habitats collapsed and like 300,000 people died.

Apparently these caves were of very soft stone which made them easy for people to carve into but also ultimately ended in the catastrophe named above.


Necessary_Link4320 t1_iucp3c1 wrote

If a nuclear holocaust wipes out everyone else on the planet...


mrnoonan81 t1_iufj5r3 wrote

Human excavated caves


johnn48 t1_iubt0i1 wrote

It sounds similar to what we call Earth Shelters here. I’ve seen some called Earthship Homes in New Mexico made from recycled materials. So it sounds less like cave’s than making use of the terrain.


nabalzbhf1337 t1_iucer0x wrote

No wonder they come up with shit like "bat soup".


[deleted] t1_iub0qcb wrote



pickles55 t1_iub5wan wrote

Fair to who? That has nothing to do with anything, this is sustainable housing and there's nothing wrong with it.


TaleWrong6444 t1_iucadm4 wrote

bUt mUh ComMuNiSm iS bEtTeR tHaN cApItAlIsM....


dontkillalljews t1_iubjopa wrote

China has 100 million males that sit down when they pee, its not a commentary on them just their population size