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Dakar-A OP t1_iqo8hcl wrote

Fayetteville AR: "County commissioners chose the name Fayetteville because 2 of the commissioners, James Buchanan and John Wooddy, hailed from Fayetteville, Tennessee."

Fayetteville TN: "The city was named for Fayetteville, North Carolina, where some of its earliest residents had lived before moving to Tennessee."

And Fayetteville NC is named for the Marquis de Lafayette from the revolutionary war.

There are two other Fayettevilles, in WV and GA, but both of those are named for the Marquis as well.


Blutarg t1_iqobbw9 wrote

And marquis de Lafayette was named after Fayetteville, Arkansas!!!


s_arrow24 t1_iqobo0v wrote

But I thought that was named after Fayetteville, TN?


Silvernaut t1_iry087i wrote

Probably the same reason there’s a Fayetteville AND Lafayette, in NY


WebbityWebbs t1_iqojfnq wrote

Maybe because there would not be a United States of America without the heroic intervention of one General La Fayette. He was a hero of both the American and French Revolutions. It’s popular to slander the French in the US, but we would likely still be an English colony without the French supporting the colonials.


jthanson t1_iqq1fpq wrote

Anyone interested in Lafayette should read Mike Duncan’s book, “Hero Of Two Worlds.”


Nogohoho t1_iqrtoar wrote

Or listen to his podcast "Revolutions" and enjoy his involvement in both the American and French revolution.


Pluto_Rising t1_iqwn6h7 wrote

His hood name was Markie Dee. He was actually arrested during the French Revolution when it went sideways, and came near execution.


f1ve-Star t1_iqpctgw wrote

I too have watched Hamilton.


AdminsAreLazyID10TS t1_iqq60f1 wrote

Some people paid a bare minimum of attention in school, you know.


AnselaJonla t1_iqqi1qb wrote

Some people did not study American history in school.


WebbityWebbs t1_iqqmcyz wrote

Fair enough. It’s frankly illegal to teach American history is parts of America now. Although, American and French Revolutions were a pretty big deal in world history. They basically paved the way for the modern world order.


AnselaJonla t1_iqqmkcv wrote

I didn't learn American history for a very good reason: I'm not American and didn't attend an American school.


flannicus90 t1_iqseiea wrote

Sounds like an excuse to me. /s Realtedly, if you don't mind, how was your home-country's teaching of its own history, and where was it? As an American from the Midwest, this is one of my favorite questions to ask folks.


AnselaJonla t1_iqsiz69 wrote

Until GCSE years, history is rotated with geography and religious education as a "humanities" block. At GCSE you pick one.

As you can imagine, having maybe two hours a week on history for a third of the year (well, two sixths in my school) means you can't go into depth about the UK's long history.

In primary school it was general details, about various historical eras, sanitised to a pre-teen safe level. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc.

In secondary school you got stuff like the Tudors, Industrial Revolution, a sanitised view of the Empire, World Wars. At pre-GCSE there wasn't much about America at all.

I can honestly say I've learned more about the Napoleonic Wars (and a bit about India) from Bernard Cornwell/Sharpe, the World Wars from Sabaton, and the American Revolution from Hamilton.

I am over a decade past school age though, and I didn't take GCSE History because one of the teachers was an awful person.


AdminsAreLazyID10TS t1_iqsfaoz wrote

Funny, we learn basic British history, and the American Revolution is also British history, if you will recall.

Can't imagine why the UK doesn't mention a Frenchman who was a key figure in freeing both America and the French peasantry.


VisualGiraffe1027 t1_iqodw0q wrote

There’s a Fayetteville in AL, AK, GA, IL, IN (twice), MO, NY, NC, OH, PA, TN, TX, and WV


bmack24 t1_iqr4jt0 wrote

Who woulda thought Fayetteville NC was contagious, sorry to the rest of the country


heelspider t1_iqobq4r wrote

The one in NC is unofficially known as Fayettenam.


tjbanks85 t1_iqog4eh wrote

Yup, Ft Bragg. When I was in HS Fayetteville 71st always had some insane army brats on the wrestling team.


domestic_omnom t1_iqp5rh0 wrote

Was stationed at LeJeune but we flew into Fayetteville after Afghanistan.

It was like the Army version of Jacksonville. It was the exact same, but different.


JeffCarr t1_iqple75 wrote

Oh, dope! Jacksonville is easily one of the top 10 swamp cities in northeastern Florida.


domestic_omnom t1_iqpmbj6 wrote

I was referring to Jacksonville,NC; where USMC base Camp LeJeune is located.

But yeah I hear Jville FL is swamp land.


psycho9365 t1_iqr1l6r wrote

We played a playoff football game against 71st and the fuckers had like a 280 pound fullback.

They'd throw him the ball in the flat and I swear the ball made a noticeably different noise when it hit his hands. Like a thump because there was so much meat on those paws.


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_iqoxxos wrote

Been thru once to see a friend graduate. Full of car dealerships, strip clubs, and pawn shops packed with military gear.


Rokhnal t1_iqrb1ib wrote

Grew up in Sanford ~45 minutes away, this is exactly correct. People do, indeed, call it Fayettenam.


mikegt_98 t1_iqrv2wj wrote

You’re the only true North Carolinian in here. There’s only one Fayettenam and there is definitely only one Bragg boulevard


DBDude t1_iqx3fbk wrote

Every major Army post has a Bragg Boulevard equivalent.


JetPunk t1_iqoi7bl wrote

Similar fact: Cartagena, Columbia was founded by settlers from Cartagena, Spain which was founded as a colony of Carthage which was founded as a colony of Tyre.

Cartagena is a colony of a colony of a colony.


JJohnston015 t1_iqosz10 wrote

Some time back I was on vacation in North Carolina and I learned that Fayetteville, which I thought would be pronounced "Fayetteville", is actually pronounced "Fedvul".


hatersaurusrex t1_iqpia8z wrote

Same in Tennessee - where we have many cities that end in -ville.

Fayetteville is pronounced similarly: 'Faytvul'

Nashville? 'Nashvul'

Knoxville? 'Knoxvul'

Shelbyville? Basically sounds like 'Shovel'


Ok-Spinach9250 t1_iqr2twq wrote

maybe if you have a really thick southern accent, but I’m born and raised in NC and everyone I know says Fayetteville not Fedvul


JJohnston015 t1_iqr3bj3 wrote

Maybe the'yre saying Fedvul, but you're hearing Fayetteville because you know that's what they're saying, since you were born and raised there.


Ok-Spinach9250 t1_iqr4dqe wrote

Lol no. I know what you’re talking about, that some people say Fedvul, but again as someone from there I’m telling you that is only the most southern people, not most people. If you went to one of the more rural counties, then sure yes I bet a bunch of people say Fedvul. Wake county where I’m from, no. We say Fayetteville w 3 syllables, not Fedvul - I do know a few people that say Fedvul but it’s older very very southern folks, not the norm


falco-holic t1_iqr3rsq wrote

I’d say more like Faytvul but yeah pretty much

Source: live in Durm


Rokhnal t1_iqrbc4e wrote

...I didn't even realize I said it like this until it was pointed out. Saying all the syllables just feels...weird.


domestic_omnom t1_iqp63b2 wrote

Like Jacksonville. Logic would tell you it's like Jacksonville. But it's pronounced "Jay-vul"


refugefirstmate t1_iqoxlwk wrote

TYL you can trace Americans' migration from the oldest states across the frontier by what they named their towns - beginning right with Plymouth.


TheWrongFusebox t1_iqofmdv wrote

It’s Fayettevilles all the way down, son.


offeringathought t1_iqsuv1w wrote

Vienna VA is named after Vienna NY. Originally named Ayr Hill, the town was renamed in the 1850s when William Hendrick, a doctor, offered to move to the area on the condition that the town be renamed after his hometown in Vienna, NY. I guess having a doctor in your town was a pretty big deal in 1850.


nkhasselriis t1_iqoobjb wrote

I used to live right outside of of Fayetteville, NC.


OakParkCemetary t1_iqqjao0 wrote

If you or someone you love spent time at Camp Lejeune you may be entitled to financial compensation


Malzair t1_iqotpyk wrote

There's also a Pasadena, Texas that's named after the one in California, which sounds counterintuitive that Pasadena, California already existed when there was apparently wilderness just ten miles outside of Houston.


CrieDeCoeur t1_iqsb4p5 wrote

...which in turn is named for Fayetteville AR.


Baridi t1_iqtjgle wrote

Burlington, Iowa is named after Burlington, VT


[deleted] t1_iqohc2v wrote



leadchipmunk t1_iqp19jq wrote

It's an American website from an American company with the majority of users being, get this, American. Would you get upset about Wykop being Polish, Tianya Club being Chinese centric or Pikabu being Russian centered?


[deleted] t1_iqpaz25 wrote



leadchipmunk t1_iqpewzs wrote

  1. I'm fairly certain that over 51% is a majority.

  2. It isn't inconsiderate to think that the majority of people will understand you.

  3. I'm not aware of OP leaving his/her country to post this.

  4. Reddit is an American website as the company is American, as are the majority of its users (see first point above).

  5. And it's not my post, so yeah, that would be really hard for me to do.


hatersaurusrex t1_iqpimjy wrote

Why did you type your response in English? Couldn't you have been considerate and translated it to several other languages so as not to cause any inconvenience to your readers?

This r/EnglishDefaultism needs to stop.


OakParkCemetary t1_iqqjj8m wrote

But....I thought you loved the USA! From your own post history: "Every time an American complains that the USA is a shithole I want to punch him or her (not literally but you get the point). I am from Mexico and there is a reason so many of us immigrate to the USA. Crossing the border from Mexico into USA is like going from a literal war zone with no infrastructure into a modern country where you can walk outside at night freely. Seriously, if you're American quityerbitching. You wouldn't survive a week in Mexico on a Mexican salary. Other than a few developed places like Monterrey this entire country is a failure."


shawikkywoo t1_iqqc3vt wrote

TIL there's also a Fayetteville in Armenia, Turkmenistan and North Croatia.