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heelspider t1_iqobq4r wrote

The one in NC is unofficially known as Fayettenam.


tjbanks85 t1_iqog4eh wrote

Yup, Ft Bragg. When I was in HS Fayetteville 71st always had some insane army brats on the wrestling team.


domestic_omnom t1_iqp5rh0 wrote

Was stationed at LeJeune but we flew into Fayetteville after Afghanistan.

It was like the Army version of Jacksonville. It was the exact same, but different.


JeffCarr t1_iqple75 wrote

Oh, dope! Jacksonville is easily one of the top 10 swamp cities in northeastern Florida.


domestic_omnom t1_iqpmbj6 wrote

I was referring to Jacksonville,NC; where USMC base Camp LeJeune is located.

But yeah I hear Jville FL is swamp land.


psycho9365 t1_iqr1l6r wrote

We played a playoff football game against 71st and the fuckers had like a 280 pound fullback.

They'd throw him the ball in the flat and I swear the ball made a noticeably different noise when it hit his hands. Like a thump because there was so much meat on those paws.


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_iqoxxos wrote

Been thru once to see a friend graduate. Full of car dealerships, strip clubs, and pawn shops packed with military gear.


Rokhnal t1_iqrb1ib wrote

Grew up in Sanford ~45 minutes away, this is exactly correct. People do, indeed, call it Fayettenam.


mikegt_98 t1_iqrv2wj wrote

You’re the only true North Carolinian in here. There’s only one Fayettenam and there is definitely only one Bragg boulevard


DBDude t1_iqx3fbk wrote

Every major Army post has a Bragg Boulevard equivalent.