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DatTF2 t1_iubn4fo wrote

>"Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing it doesn't go in fruit salad."

Whenever I hear this quote I have mixed feelings. For most people the tomatoes they know definitely don't belong in a fruit salad. Tomatoes bought in stores are awful, varieties bred to look good instead of taste good, picked green and ripened with gas.

Now I have grown some cherry tomato varieties that were incredibly sweet, tangy and they would have a place in a fruit salad. It's a shame that you have to grow your own because the ones in stores are fucking awful.

So yeah, while rare there are some varieties of tomato I do feel have a place in a fruit salad.


StarChaser_Tyger t1_iubnpoc wrote

I've had home grown cherry and campari (sized, at least) tomatoes, and while they are sweet, it's relative; like a vidalia onion is 'sweet' in comparison to a normal white onion, it's not what anyone would call sweet itself.

I love tomatoes. I've grown some (very few; stupid birds/bugs/deadly sky laser), I've had a bunch of heirloom varieties I can't remember the names of, but none of them would fit in what's generally referred to as fruit salad.


DatTF2 t1_iuck34w wrote

Depends on the variety. Not all cherry tomatoes are super sweet but a couple I have grown have had a really high sugar content, really sweet and tangy.

I would agree that most tomatoes don't belong in a fruit salad, however there are a couple that could.