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shimi_shima t1_iqpgz85 wrote

FYI for the curious like me: Basket (old UK usage) is a euphemism for “bastard”



BrokenEye3 t1_iqq1vtm wrote

TIL "bastard" was once considered obscene enough to require a euphemism


grat_is_not_nice t1_iqq3xws wrote

And my invention thrive, Edmund the base. Shall top the legitimate.

I grow; I prosper: Now, gods, stand up for baskets*!*

William Shakespeare, writing for the BBC


[deleted] t1_iqr24w1 wrote

It’s still considered a curse word in the UK (and places like India)


dmk_aus t1_iqr5dy9 wrote

And for the euphemism to also be banned.


xX609s-hartXx t1_iqr5ita wrote

I remember Orwell saying it was the worst word you could call a British man during the 30s/40s.


dizzley t1_iqqajeh wrote

I seem to remember hearing this in conversation in the 1960s in the UK: “you silly old basket”. I was just a kid and it was just a harmless bantering insult. It was really old fashioned even then. My parents banned me from saying “twit” though.


wkomorow t1_iqrv4sq wrote

Bloody hell!, could you image what little dialogue Owen Newitt would have is if he were banned from saying things like that. One of my favorite episodes is the swear jar episode.


DexterBotwin t1_iqqdlgn wrote

Is the fig leaves because it’s what Adam and Eve are usually shown covered up with?


FriendlyPyre t1_iqrw3fe wrote

That explains why it's still sometimes used as an interjection in Singapore, always wondered where it came from.


Alsaki96 t1_iqzwqnp wrote

When my great aunt was in primary school she was on a trip one day and unexpectedly saw her father (affectionately known in the family as dirty Bertie) pushing a pram with their nanny. Turns out he had a whole other family and she still talked about the 'baskets' up until her death a few years ago. Had never heard it anywhere else!


GeraldoFubar t1_iqpek96 wrote

And then Monty Python came around and said, "Hold my pint and watch this..."


wegqg t1_iqqq51y wrote

No they were actually relatively tame at least initially - they did push barriers but nothing like what Peter Cooke & Co had done.


xX609s-hartXx t1_iqr5pdu wrote

I don't know those other guys but did they have a guy who got so fat he exploded in full detail?


Cold_Situation_7803 t1_iqrawfj wrote

That was in a movie, not on their TV show.


xX609s-hartXx t1_iqrfhc0 wrote

Wasn't that a movie made up of patched together TV clips?


DoofusMagnus t1_iqrsh7j wrote

No, Mr. Creosote (the guy who explodes) is from The Meaning of Life. The film that was repurposed TV sketches was And Now for Something Completely Different.


nalydpsycho t1_iqro4lu wrote

It really is interesting to think how British co edy changed over the 15 year span from late 60s to early 80s. I can totally get why people were stunned by it. But I love the changes.


TepidHalibut t1_iqrzut1 wrote

But, going further back, The Goon Show REALLY shook things up, and set the scene for the Pythons, Pete n Dud, etc. Spike Milligan is the perfect illustration of the thin, blurred line between genius and madness.


kapege t1_iqraajo wrote

Why did my mind read this in a very Bri'ish accent?


SillyCubensis t1_iqpc8fv wrote

Piss, shit, cock, cunt, motherfucker, bitch, tits.


iwannagohome49 t1_iqpdrf5 wrote

*fig, baskets


critfist t1_iqph2b0 wrote

Alright motherfucker that's too far, I'm revoking your comedy license!


GrahamCrackerSnacks t1_iqpnej3 wrote

First time caller, long time listener here but how does one use the word “basket” in an overtly vulgar manner? Asking for a friend.


PN_Guin t1_iqqhd5o wrote

It used to be an euphemism for "bastard".


v1s1onsofjohanna t1_iqr9di8 wrote

"Banned too was any reference to The McGillycuddy of the Reeks, or jokes about his name, in response to previous complaints." I still haven't found an answer as to why this family was specifically protected.


sweetteanoice t1_iqpriin wrote

Makes total sense they wouldnt allow the use of such a vulgar work like basket during one of their minstrel shows!


ketjap-manis t1_iqq8zw8 wrote

There's lots of things like this at the BBC including a pronunciations internal website for broadcasters etc.

Ex beeb.


BillTowne t1_iqrgpj7 wrote

> The word "n-----" was banned, although the phrase "N----- Minstrels" was still tolerated.

Reminds my of when I was a child. My parents never used "n-------" except to say "Brazil nuts" since that was the only phrase for them at the time.


Just1morefix t1_iqph1th wrote

"I tell you what, I'll gladly do you from behind. Provided of course you reach behind and gently cup my basket. Thanks in advance!"


paullbart t1_iqpo46a wrote

Where’s mi wash board


TronOld_Dumps t1_iqpjcix wrote

Got some fig leaves to clean up your cum basket.


Wryot t1_iqrhe7m wrote

Why would fig leaves be a banned topic?


BuccaneerRex t1_iqrpmf3 wrote

The 'fig leaf' is used in classical art to hide the genitals. Sometimes it's intended by the artist, sometimes they're added in recreations of the art. It's common to see, for example, Michelangelo's David in miniature with a leaf over the twig and berries.

It's actually that rule that probably led to this specific Monty Python sketch:

Thus the term 'fig leaf' as meaning a 'polite fiction to hide what we all know is there', and the use of 'fig leaf' in the same sense that we might use 'bathing suit area'. Although perhaps not in the same scenarios.


Cetun t1_iqsecwv wrote

"Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me"


drion4 t1_iqpy1nk wrote

Knowing the British, fig leaves and baskets may have some double-meaning.


Wakayamaben t1_iqqvgrj wrote

I thought basket was from basket case, as in a reference to mental illness.


kyste t1_iqr4635 wrote

They had to after George Formby did the windows at BBC hq.


verasev t1_iqr5k53 wrote

"He's a real basket-case if you know what I mean."


Fine_bobby t1_iqr8sz3 wrote

This reads like an excerpt out of hitchhikers guide


Livid-Ad4102 t1_iqsewu1 wrote

I'd love for this to be re-written in that exact style haha


RolfDasWalross t1_iqredm8 wrote

I thought Gaddafi published the green book


angry_old_dude t1_iqsun4l wrote

Some tiskits, some taskets, she's has giant, uh, baskets


D3monVolt t1_iqswp6w wrote

what do you get when you stuff fig leaves in your ass? Basket


GarysCrispLettuce t1_iqpcnl8 wrote

Cancel culture


Narvarre t1_iqpfipl wrote

Back then it was The Hays Code, Cancel culture nobs couldn't even be original.

The history of the code is worth looking up, it a good read.


Winter-Adagio7650 t1_iqpwzjn wrote

Why did I see BBC and think this was about something else?