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The_Thunder_Child t1_isqqd5y wrote

They don't alter the cat's genetics. That's rather fixed.


blakerabbit t1_isqvhq0 wrote

No, silly, you can’t breed them when they’re fixed


someMeatballs t1_isrx2qu wrote

Selective breeding does alter genetics slightly. And much, much faster than natural selection can. If genetics weren't changed, the litter would not look like their parents, and of course they do.


The_Thunder_Child t1_iss1z64 wrote

Yes..... But I said cat as in singular.


someMeatballs t1_issgzy2 wrote

Ok, yes, the title has a logical flaw. It's just worded wrongly.


dioWjonathenL OP t1_isu6ei9 wrote

True, but the point stands. The selective breeding decides the cats genes and they can be altered. Though, obviously, it’s done way before the cat is even born