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PimentoCheesehead t1_itrjdqj wrote

I managed a toy store when the Teletubbies toys came out, so I watched a few episodes so I’d know what they were about. I learned that people who make childrens shows have access to really good drugs.


Irish_33 t1_itrz6nv wrote

Completely agree. Drugs are a crazy thing.

BooBah was my first realization and those creators were nuts.


TIGHazard t1_itvykxc wrote

Voice: Chris Langham

Oh Jesus Christ why did he have to be involved.

> On 2 August 2007, Langham was found guilty of 15 charges of downloading and possessing level 5 child sexual abuse images and videos. Langham was jailed for 10 months, reduced to 6 months on appeal. He was made to sign the sex offenders' register and was banned from working with children for 10 years.


snitch182 t1_itwpu8v wrote

I agree.. sponge bob... i am getting flashbacks.


Ello_Owu t1_itrplne wrote

Crazy colorful, wacky kid shows are basically drugs for little kids. It makes them stupid and are highly addictive


Ray_Pingeau t1_itshm2m wrote

I’ve watched that show turn a three year old speaking pretty much complete sentences into a babbling idiot. Not just during the show. It took the rest of the day for him to shake it off.


bottleboy8 t1_itrrtvk wrote

Yup. More trippy than scary. That vacuum cleaner thing was bizarre.


jennc1979 t1_itsstyh wrote

The first time my husband and I saw an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, we thought the exact same thing! Pretty sure that’s where all the LSD is going!


Bandalk t1_itu50i7 wrote

I always described that show as an LSD rave for toddlers to anyone who asked what it was about.


[deleted] t1_itrisd1 wrote

I mean, just look at them. Truly terrifying and illogical for all ages let alone their target audience!


bolanrox t1_itrs577 wrote

have you ever watched the Night Garden... that ones fucking out there


Saytanschild t1_itsp061 wrote


bigbangbilly t1_itx6g6x wrote

Meatcanyon is quite the unnerving animator.

Also why does his mkuth sound moist when hevoices some of the characters


FestiveSquid t1_itt4okp wrote

Iirc, there's an episode of Pingu that was either banned or censored everywhere but Canada.


Timpstar t1_itukd2v wrote

The episode is called Pingu's Dream, and was banned because of this fucker.

There was actually another banned episode where pingu "gets drunk" and pisses on the floor and stuff.


Vesurel t1_itrjdwf wrote

Makes sense he was scary not just on top and underneath, but scary both in the front and back.


dromni t1_itrmmb7 wrote

I'm surprised that it was just parts of one episode.

I mean, all of them look like a bad acid trip or something.


bolanrox t1_itrryfh wrote

> I mean, all of them look like a bad acid trip or something.

are you sure you are not talking about Yo-Gabba-Gabba? :P


RedSonGamble t1_itrmrff wrote

I would have thought it was for being too sexy


mrnoonan81 t1_itroa1i wrote

The lion reminded the kids too much of Uncle Merv playing unscheduled games of hide and seek.


bottleboy8 t1_itrrobp wrote

I'm gonna have nightmares for years. Scary bears and scary lions. Oh my.


Philcycles84 t1_itsb14p wrote

Laughs in Moomins, the lady of the cold


bolanrox t1_itrrugz wrote

but then there were some fucking frightening scenes in Sesame Street that were down right terrifying to me as a kid in the 80's


[deleted] t1_ituhg0e wrote

There’s actually an entire episode that got banned in the 80s if I’m not mistaken. Look up Episode #847 of Sesame Street.


Commander_Cyclops t1_itvk7vt wrote

The Margaret Hamilton episode. It aired in 1976 when I was seven years old, and I remember watching it. I don't remember being particularly traumatized by it. I was mostly amazed that the sweet little old lady and the Wicked Witch of the West were the same person.


[deleted] t1_itw40wo wrote

I guess a lot of kids were scared by that episode. I loved the Wicked Witch of the West and would have loved to see that episode but it was banned long before I was born (95) 😅


mvrkiz t1_its568p wrote

The legend was that some kid jumped to the well and died in an attempt to recreate the scene from the show


SharpieBass t1_its7e31 wrote

I never understood this fucking show. I watched tons of it with my kids years ago and I always thought watching it would make my kids idiots.


i0unothing t1_itslm7u wrote

It's meant for 0-4 year olds who generally aren't known for being geniuses.


Big_Fhat_Cow t1_its8pg2 wrote

Tbh the telitublis were still scary at the beginning


Dreadzone666 t1_itspby2 wrote

Man they would’ve shit themselves if they ever watched Boohbah


GlitterGothBunny t1_ittc8w9 wrote

I thought it was gonna eat the bear. Not really sure why they thought that was so creepy. Teletubbies was weird af anyways. I liked the bear that floated outta the sky in a ufo thing and danced around.


FabulousEmotions t1_ittkdm2 wrote

Ultimately, they don't learn to handle their shit and share, so fuck that lion and fuck that bear. Not a cool message to send your demographic, Teletubbies! Get back to that baby in the sun shit. That's hella positive. /s


JauntyTurtle t1_ittmoph wrote

My oldest son couldn't watch the show. The fact that there was a baby in the sun freaked him out. He'd start crying and saying that the baby would get burnt and to get it out.


Smart455 t1_itv0fqa wrote

I mean I still remember the episode where one teletubby gets a vacuum shoved in his ass by no-no

Maybe that one should have been banned


3dank5maymay t1_itvs2yz wrote

meh, the scariest part was that the audio channels were flipped.


LobbydaLobster t1_iuh94fe wrote

I wish they had banned all of the episodes.

Also "In the Night Garden"


Petrosinella94 t1_itrw0oo wrote

I remember this so badly … I don’t remember being scared by it though


Lachsforelle t1_ittwzip wrote

They should have banned them all