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iceyed913 t1_iuieuw0 wrote

Never knew that hemorrhoids had a marketing team.. what about the cold sores?


dumbleydore94 t1_iuiiuxb wrote

If you've never had one (god forbid multiple) you'd understand. There should be a colored ribbon for hemorrhoid awareness.


Geofferz t1_iuio2so wrote

They're making a joke that there's a company who promotes hemmeroids. Instead of hemmeroids cream.


cardboardunderwear t1_iujerb6 wrote

if you’re putting food on your table by selling hemorrhoid cream then it’s in your best interest to promote both isn’t it


leopard_tights t1_iujz0cd wrote

The first time I had one I almost fainted on the way to the toilet.

I then remembered a commercial about one of these creams that pictured a lady sitting in a red hot cooking mesh coil. People in those commercials really undersell how bad it can be. I've been several times without moving from bed because of it. On the other hand when I applied the cream I experimented instant relief, and I mean instant. It felt like magic.