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bolanrox t1_iu5tplo wrote

and the best porter out there: Edmund Fitzgerald


Tree8 t1_iu5uogk wrote

I also love the Dortmunder Gold, one of my favorite lagers.


bolanrox t1_iu5vwit wrote

they have solid beers. the blackout stout is pretty good.


Mogradal t1_iu61nbt wrote

That was my first introduction to ABVs. Young me thought beers had a similar alcohol content. Was playing games and had a few then finally got up to go to the bathroom. Immediately fell into the door. Good stuff.


bolanrox t1_iu6274b wrote


i remember wondering why i got buzzed after like two beers the first time i had 90m min IPA (coming from bud or whatever cheap beer people had at parties usually).. heard about people not being able to stand after having 2 or 3 120 min not realizing the ABV..


Mogradal t1_iu63o6m wrote

120 min is so good. Knew what I was doing for that one.