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TheSpanishDerp t1_iu5t8dc wrote


Run_Che t1_iu622vu wrote

Its not just perception thing, its been like that for last couple hundred years. Insane pace of technological improvements have changed this world time and time again is short span.


Naive-Kangaroo3031 t1_iu7josy wrote

It's crazy to think that some people who grew up thinking radio was cutting edge watched the moon landing.

Now we have mumble rap and TikTok. What a time to be alive Sigh


lewphone t1_iu8gzwd wrote

I had a teacher in high school complain that there wasn't a way to have both instant news (like on television) with the ability to read different sections (like a newspaper).


TerrorFirmerIRL t1_iu85t3i wrote

I think because WW2 was a truly modern conflict of combined arms and most of the technologies we know today existed back then in rudimentary form.

Mass tank formations, strategic bombing, radar, missiles, jet fighters, effective combined arms strategies, aircraft carriers, etc.

Even though it was only 20 odd years prior WW1 had more in common with warfare of the past and unlike WW2, had no resemblance to a modern conflict really.

WW1 saw absolutely massive leaps in military technology and strategy that paved the way for how "modern" WW2 felt by comparison.

The war of 1918 had no resemblance to that of 1914. Everything had changed dramatically, from the basic uniforms to the appearance of massed tanks, and the strategies employed by both sides.

1914 was closer to the war of 1871 really in how it played out initially.